Renown Health:Providing Quality Healthcare Services To Northern Nevada

 Health care company Renown Health is extending their reach into the South Reno area of Nevada by opening a new family practice clinic in Summit Mall in Reno. The new clinic will offer primary care services as well as a laboratory initially and may add a conference room and additional services going forward. The facility will be warm, inviting and comfortable so people seeking treatment can feel at home. And it will have the flexibility to possibly add another primary care physician and nurse practitioner as needed.

The clinic is 10,000-square-feet in size. It will draw on the services of Carson City based commercial general contractor Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC with MBA Architects + Interior Design’s Eric Fong providing architecture, Forbes Engineering doing the structural engineering and MSA Engineering Consultants in charge of completing the plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering. Those companies are all based in Reno and more than 12 local contractors will also be involved.

They finished the demolition in November and the electrical, plumbing and interior finishes were completed in February. The improved economy, growing population and better access to health insurance in Truckee Meadows and South Reno created the need for the new facility. Renown Health is a nonprofit health care organization founded in 1862 in Washoe Valley, Nevada. Formally known as Washoe Health System, the name was changed to Renown Health in 2006. The company now has its headquarters in Reno. It has 5,500 employees and runs 12 primary care clinics in Fernley, Carson City and the Reno-Sparks area.

The company has a pediatrics unit and a heart care unit where the region’s first pacemaker implantation and open-heart surgery were performed. They also have Northern Nevada’s first cancer treatment center and a residency program from the University of Nevada School of Medicine. The hospital does brain fMRI research, is the sole Level II Trauma Center in the region, runs the Renown Pregnancy Center and has an innovative Healing Art Program. To know more click here

All About Companies That Manage Healthcare Centers

Healthcare centers are facilities that diagnose, treat and help prevent disease, injury and illness of patients. They deliver these services though physicians who are professionals in allied health, medicine, surgery, nursing, dentistry, psychology and other health fields. Healthcare centers are meant to provide primary care, secondary and tertiary care for public health in general and these centers are managed by companies, groups, individuals and organizations.

Access to proper healthcare varies from one location to another, from one country to another depending on the patient’s health condition, affiliation, financial situation and other factors. Many healthcare facilities have different policies and plans related to personal short-term and long-term care goals. Healthcare systems according to insidertrading, in the United States are well-planned and centrally controlled by managing companies dedicated to providing a set of procedures or standards to follow for the physicians and compensation to all the employees. One such company is Nobilis Health formerly known as Northstar.

In all cases of healthcare centers, a well-functioning system needs a robust financing and procedural mechanism, well-trained staff and reliable authority to make decisions based on policies. This management company also oversees the delivery of quality medicine and helps solve many issues pertaining to healthcare centers. Modern health care in the United States depends on trained doctors coming together as interdisciplinary teams. Nobilis Health owns and manages many such healthcare centers across the US such as Houston, Scottsdale and New York. It owns urgent care facilities, ambulatory facilities and nursing facilities in some of these places. Plus many health practitioners in these centers provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative care services for their patients.

Research shows that successful practitioners in these centers are more productive when the centers are owned and operated by a trustworthy company like Nobilis Health. Sheldon, a new doctor, in a New York healthcare center was skeptical at first. He was beginning to think he would never make it as a bone specialist. He just couldn’t block out the frenzy around him for sometime. Since he started working in the center, his service is not only on time, it is often early as well. In fact more than 90 percent of care providers surveyed with this type of healthcare center reported being productive when their centers were managed efficiently. The money these centers will save by utilizing their resources efficiently and following standard protocols for every service to be delivered is significant. A typical healthcare center under a good management such as Nobilis Health can save millions of dollars a year. Some health professionals find that a service like this allows them to live comfortably as well. Because the goal of management company is to be sure that healthcare providers are trained and capable of providing the right treatment even in the event of a pandemic or disaster, they are highly knowledgeable and better equipped with plans and strategies to handle any situation that may arise. Surveys show that Nobilis Health like companies are associated with the highest percent of eligible practitioners in the medical industry.