Renown Health Wants to Help More People

Renown Health is expanding its reach. This Spring, the not-for-profit health facility will open a new clinic in South Reno.The clinic will focus on providing laboratory and primary care services to its clients.

When contacted over on phone by NNBW, Renown Medical Director, Dr. McCormack, revealed that the new clinic would have state of the art facilities including a conference room for group meetings. Renown Health is determined to make the clinic as homely as possible.

Dr. McCormack also mentioned the uncertainty in the health care medical sector following the election of Mr. Trump as president. Mr.Trump and his administration are not crazy about Obamacare.

Renown Health’s primary reason for the new clinic was to cater for the growing population. In addition to this, there is improved health insurance services and a general need for primary clinics in the region.

At first, the clinic will have 11 staff members, and soon, a primary car physician and a nurse practitioner will join the team. The new clinic will cover 10,000-square-foot, with a front big enough to span three storefronts.

Developers of the Project

The main contractor of this medical health care project is Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design from did the architectural and design work. Forbes Engineering won the structural engineering contract. Engineering Consultants did the plumbing, mechanical and electrical work. All the above companies are in Reno.

About Renown Health

Renown is the main health care provider in northern Nevada. It is a not-for-profit health system whose objective is to deliver the best healthcare options for its members. It has a staff of over 6,000 nurses and doctors.

The institution has 12 primary care clinics distributed all through Reno-Sparks, Fallon and Fernley and Carson City. All the earnings from the facility are reinvested back to it,to provide better services.

What’s better is the fact Renown does not have the pressure of pleasing investors. This means they can focus all their attention to serving the purpose of the entity.

Renown Health – Leading Healthcare Facility in South Nevada

Renown Health is set to extend its services to the South Reno area. Primarily, the new office will be set up at The Summit Mall this spring. It is a new family practice office that will join the many other Renown Health facilities throughout the Nevada area. The clinic is set to provide primary care services along with laboratory services. Depending on the business structure and the flow of patient’s, they may look into expanding their services at a future date. For now, Dr. McCormack, who currently acts as the medical director of Renown Health, would like to see how all of the new healthcare regulations are set in place. A recent telephone interview by Dr. McCormack explained that the office will be geared more towards a comfortable setting. She wants them to feel like they are sitting in their very own living room receiving the best possible care. She understands that being sick is uncomfortable in itself, so she wanted to focus on a very comfortable setting for the patient and their family members. Renown Health on Twitter.

The space that is being occupied by the new medical facility has the opportunity to grow and expand into offering more services, more offices and more medical staff. They will currently employ 11 staff members with the possible addition of one more primary care physician and a nurse practitioner. The clinic will occupy approximately 10,000 square feet with three different storefronts to occupy the new medical clinic. They are extremely excited to get things moving off of the ground and open up the new healthcare facility. Renown Health currently has 12 primary care clinics in the region. They are located throughout the Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and Fernley areas. They have been producing quality medical care facilities for many years, and continue to grow their business with the recent expansion.

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Renown Health:Providing Quality Healthcare Services To Northern Nevada

 Health care company Renown Health is extending their reach into the South Reno area of Nevada by opening a new family practice clinic in Summit Mall in Reno. The new clinic will offer primary care services as well as a laboratory initially and may add a conference room and additional services going forward. The facility will be warm, inviting and comfortable so people seeking treatment can feel at home. And it will have the flexibility to possibly add another primary care physician and nurse practitioner as needed.

The clinic is 10,000-square-feet in size. It will draw on the services of Carson City based commercial general contractor Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC with MBA Architects + Interior Design’s Eric Fong providing architecture, Forbes Engineering doing the structural engineering and MSA Engineering Consultants in charge of completing the plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering. Those companies are all based in Reno and more than 12 local contractors will also be involved.

They finished the demolition in November and the electrical, plumbing and interior finishes were completed in February. The improved economy, growing population and better access to health insurance in Truckee Meadows and South Reno created the need for the new facility. Renown Health is a nonprofit health care organization founded in 1862 in Washoe Valley, Nevada. Formally known as Washoe Health System, the name was changed to Renown Health in 2006. The company now has its headquarters in Reno. It has 5,500 employees and runs 12 primary care clinics in Fernley, Carson City and the Reno-Sparks area.

The company has a pediatrics unit and a heart care unit where the region’s first pacemaker implantation and open-heart surgery were performed. They also have Northern Nevada’s first cancer treatment center and a residency program from the University of Nevada School of Medicine. The hospital does brain fMRI research, is the sole Level II Trauma Center in the region, runs the Renown Pregnancy Center and has an innovative Healing Art Program. To know more click here

Renown Health Expands to South Reno

As Reno’s only not-for-profit and locally-governed healthcare network, Renown Health is completely invested in the people as well as programs and equipment to help better serve the community. With no out-of-state shareholders or owners that have to be satisfied, Renown Health makes sure that the local citizens are able to be a part of how the money is spent. Renown Health’s purpose is to be able to serve the needs of the patients as well as the communities.

At The Summit Mall, located in South Reno, Renown Health has started the process of opening up a new family practice clinic. This clinic will be able to no only provide primary care services but also provide a laboratory with a possibility of an increase in future services. The medical director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, explained that the clinic is also designed in a way that it will provide patients with a more inviting as well as comfortable setting.

The space is very flexible with the ability to add more services later on. This includes the addition of a conference room, so that staff is able to sit down and talk with patients on different healthcare matters in a more comfortable setting than an exam room. The clinic will take on 11 staff members and the facility will add at least one more nurse practitioner as well as one more primary care physician. With more people moving down to the South Reno area, Dr. McCormack felt that there was a need to provide more primary care clinics.

The clinic is 10,000 square feet and it takes the space of three different vacant storefronts. The general contractor that was chosen for the project is Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. Eric Fong, who works for MBA Architects + Interior Design, was chosen to perform the design as well as the architecture of this new clinic. Forbes Engineering performed the structural engineering and MSA Engineering Consultants performed all other engineering aspects including electrical, plumbing and mechanical.

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