Waiakea Water About to Change an Entire Industry

Earlier this year it was announced by Waiakea Water that they were in development with TimePlast to create the world’s first fully degradable plastic water bottle. This comes after Waiakea Water recently won an award for being one of the fastest growing companies in America. In addition to awards for the best tasting water, Waiakea Water has been focused on environmental issues that are going to benefit future generations for many years to come.

The development of the additive to degrade a plastic bottle faster than ever before was no easy task to accomplish. According to the CEO of Waiakea Water, Ryan Emmons, it took over 1,200 experiments and five years to get it right, but now the release is soon upon us. According to the company, not only is the plastic bottle made from recycled plastics, it is going to degrade 97 percent faster than any traditional plastic bottle in circulation today.

In addition to creating the first fully degradable plastic bottle, Waiakea Water has been working on environmental initiatives that have been changing the world for the better in other ways as well. Every time a bottle of volcanic Waiakea Water is sold, the company donates a full week’s supply of fresh water to a community in need. The reason being is millions are dying every year because of water-born illnesses and the lack of clean water for sanitary purposes.

Waiakea Water has also partnered with PumpAid, and donates the time of their employees to travel to countries in need to help install water pumps that can access water and provide for the community. Waiakea Water sends a team that will help instruct the locals how to install the pumps, to maintain them, and how to preserve the water they are able to access so they can thrive for future generations.

The hopes of the Waiakea Water team is that developing a fully degradable water bottle may spark a change in the way other bottling companies conduct business. Instead of these plastic bottles filling up landfills and lying there 1,500 years, the newer degradable bottles will be gone in less than 15 years.http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/10/06/how-waiakea-water-is-changing-the-plastic-water-bottle-industry/

Elysium Basis, a Compound of Elysium Health

About Elysium Health

Elysium Health is a company that creates and distributes dietary supplements. The founder of the company is Leonard Guarantee who is a famous biologist. The headquarters of the company are in New York, U.S. In 2015, the company started to sell dietary supplements called Basis. Elysium Health is one of the few companies in its field that has a background in the Technological industry mainly focusing on biomedical and health industries. Elysium Health’s main focus is in the manufacturing of health products.

Elysium Health’s Mission

The main purpose of Elysium Health is to promote a healthier living through extraordinary science. Elysium Health translates advances in both science and technology into scientifically-sound and effective products. The products developed by Elysium offer an opportunity for consumers to support their health.

The Role of Elysium Health’s Advisory Board

The scientific board of Elysium Health is comprised of leaders and professionals in science and technology. The scientific board mainly focuses on pioneering better approaches to health. The main role of the Elysium Health’s network of clinicians, health professionals, and scientists is to advise the company on product development and identification, ongoing research, and clinical studies.

The Main Compound Developed by Elysium Health

The main compound developed by Elysium Health is the Elysium Basis. Elysium Basis has many positive reviews from different people who have tried it. Anecdotally, some people who have used Basis claim that they have experienced effects in areas like sleep, energy, and skin. http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/08/is-elysium-healths-basis-the-fountain-of-youth.html

The Main Products Used to Develop Elysium Basis

The main products that are used to develop Elysium Basis are Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene. Nicotinamide Riboside is a precursor to the coenzyme NAD+ which is used to power metabolism. Some of the main sources of Nicotinamide Riboside include; vitamin B3 found in some milk-derived products like yogurt and cheese and some yeast-containing foods. Pterostilbene is a bioavailable and powerful polyphenol that is manufactured by plants. Some of the plants that contain Pterostilbene include blueberries, almonds, and grapes. It mainly protects against external and internal stresses. Other ingredients used to develop Elysium Basis include silica, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, and magnesium stearate from vegetables.

The different ingredients used to develop Elysium Basis have been produced and tested for safety in facilities which meet the requirements of the FDA. Apart from the normal tests, Elysium Basis undergoes some secondary and rigorous purity tests.

Scientists and researchers believe that Elysium Basis might help in postponing the onset of some common conditions the cause health problems. The health advantages associated to Elysium Basis harbor the possibility to increase the quality of lives.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1AIrm58m10

What You Need To Know About Nobilis Health

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