Osteo Relief Institute: Perfect Management of Osteoarthritis

Although osteoarthritis is common in most people globally but a majority of the people don’t seem to understand what it is! Many people know it as a single illness, but osteoarthritis involves pain in the joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis according to research. More than 50 million in the United States population suffer from arthritis, though it is common in women. Interesting to note, it has been termed as the largest cause of disability in the world.


Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis. It involves low or no production of the soft cartilage tissue in the joints. When there is a wearing off in the tissues, the bones may be subjected to rubbing each other during movement of limbs. This, in turn, imposes pain in those joints causing swelling. The stiffness of the joints is also a problem caused by osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis has no cure, but it has many ways in which it can be treated (Manta).


Osteoarthritis may be caused by factors such as excess weight, age, and family disease history (How to deal with Osteoarthritis). One is advised to exercise through stretching, adjusting their position when doing an activity, not over using any joint, managing weight, and not engaging in activities beyond one’s ability. In any medical center, one can be subjected to physical therapy, but if the problem persists, one may undergo surgery for joint fusions and replacements.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute deals with treatment of knee joints. Often, most patients who attend Osteo Relief Institute are more than willing to go back to their normal state. Be it a slight pain or the osteoarthritis condition, Osteo Relief Institute has invested heavily in technology to solve these issues. Their modern advanced equipment can be used to identify the pain and provide the accurate treatment for your knee.


Osteo Relief Institute screening services to identify pain and the form of treatment are all free. Their main aim is to see people back to their normal health with no discomfort of pain. Their proven advanced methods have always been successful.(http://www.edgewaterosteoreliefinstitute.com/) Osteo Relief Institute believes that everyone should try the best form of treatment other than undergoing complex procedures which may prove more tedious.


NIH-Discovering New Ways to Improve Healthcare

National Institute of Health (NIH) is a medical research center with 27 institutes found in the US Department of Health and Human Services. It conducts and supports basic clinical and transitional medical research, where the investigation of both common and rare disease’s causes, treatment, and cures are done. Under its umbrella is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) that sponsored a trial called HALT-MS where researchers examined the effectiveness, safety, as well as the durability of HDIT/HCT in twenty-four individuals aged between 26-52 years going through the relapse of MS symptoms.

The volunteers did not take any MS treatments after receiving a high-dose of immunosuppressive treatment and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT. It was discovered that one treatment with HDIT/HCT is more effective than continuing treatment with the best medicines available. NIAD Director Anthony S Fausi indicated that the encouraging findings support further research to establish the effectiveness of HALT-MS.The experimental treatment is after suppressing active disease-causing cells and resetting the immune system. Five years later, those who participated remained in remission and their MS stabilized. Some showed improvement of recovery of mobility. HDIT/HCT will be the possible therapeutic alternative for patients suffering from active relapsing-remitting MS especially those who respond poorly to the available therapies. You can also visit his Facebook profile : https://www.facebook.com/shivagopalvasishta

Dr. Shiva Goal Visishta has close to 40 years of experience in the field of Neurology because he started practicing immediately after graduating in 1979 from Government Medical College. He is also specialized in psychiatry and is a member of the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates.Dr. Shiva is licensed to operate in New Jersey and participates in Medicare programs. He accepts multiple insurance plans. He is a board certified Neurologist who speaks English and Spanish. Dr. Shiva is part of the National Institute of Health through his Area of specialty.

The Importance of Radiology and it’s Applications

Radiology is a multifaceted medical technology that accurately diagnosis and tracks disease, fractures, breaks, tumors, and many other internal issues. The means of extracting these highly detailed images in through a process commonly called Radiography. This process works by sending a concentrated ‘beam’ of x-rays through the patient and the result is then examined by a Radiographer.

The x-ray particles that are absorbed by the patient will not be shown on the image and will be represented by dark areas. The rays that make it through are then formed to the structure of the area. This will give a full image of the internal nature of a patient’s body at any given moment.

Radiology is such a powerful imaging technology that it is also the basis of other practices like Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imagine, and even Ultrasounds. Ultrasounds, being one of the most commonly used practices of Radiology, uses high frequency waves to reveal the soft tissue within an area. This method is often used in brain scans in order to properly diagnose the damage or problems located within the deepest parts of the skull.

Similarly, Radiology has been used in a practice called Mammography which helps diagnose breast cancer with great accuracy. The slow frequency waves give an accurate image of the internal tissue within the breast of the patient. This allows professionals to examine the tissue and see if any abnormalities have started to grow inside of the breast. This can help diagnose early stage breast cancer, tumors, cancer, and even cysts that need to be removed.

Radiology With Imaging Advantage

Imaging Advantage is an organization that was established in order to make the lives of health care professionals flow more efficiently. Rather you’re an individual that owns a medical practice, or you simply need high quality tools, Imagine Advantage has a solution for you!

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Imagine Advantage uses a customized approach to each one of their clients needs with utmost accuracy. The attention to detail and customization allows you to spend less money while receiving more service than you’re used to. In their words: “We focus exclusively on two goals: enhancing existing radiology services in local communities and achieving excellence in patient care.”

Not only will Imaging Advantage help you service your patients with greater speed, detail and accuracy, they will also help your business run smoothly. The company employs and seeks out professional management experts that pinpoint what areas of your organization are sub-par and which areas you need to devote more time to. If you’re in the business of succeeding and helping more patients, Imagining Advantage is for you!