How Waiakea Water Has Dominated Their Industry

When Waiakea Water first introduced their volcanic water in 2012, the company was able to make their mark based on the unique purification system of the island. The company tapped into a natural aquifer that was able to process millions of gallons of the purest water on Earth, passing through several thousand feet of volcanic tubes to strip away impurities. The end result, an award-winning bottled water that didn’t need fancy hype or creative marketing to grow a following.

Although the source of the water was unique, what Waiakea Water did right out of the gates was something others never considered. Even before the company received global recognition, they were donating approximately 3 percent of revenues towards local Hawaiian organizations and people native to the islands in need. As the company began to grow, they felt a moral obligation to give back more. Each time a bottle of the volcanic water was sold, Waiakea Water began donating a weeks amount of fresh water to communities around the world that didn’t have access to clean water.

Being blessed with an unlimited sources of delicious tasting water helped explode sales, yet the company always had their eyes on environmental initiatives. The founder and CEO of Waiakea Water, Ryan Emmons, says that the bigger the company got, the more they could help. Teaming with PumpAid seemed like a natural fit. With the help of PumpAid, Waiakea Water sends volunteers to countries in need and helps install new water pumps in the communities. The teams utilize resources from the locals to complete the assembly, then show the locals how to install, maintain, operate, and repair the pump moving forward.

All the while this was going on, Waiakea Water was also working with TimePlast to develop the very first degradable plastic bottle for their water. Since traditional plastic bottles take 1,500 years to degrade, Emmons again felt his company needed to step up and lead the charge to making a plastic bottle that will not be littering landfills for future generations. The new additive they developed will allow the new plastic bottle to degrade in only 15 years.

Hippeas: The Healthier Snack with a eye-catching brand world

Latest on the health snack food horizon is a treat that comes with a real millennial appeal: Hippeas. Coming in six snappy flavors, consumers are sure to rave about this latest brand that recently landed  onto the snack category.


What Makes This Chickpeas Snack Different?

With an exploding snack market and growth being driven by the health-conscious consumers, Hippeas delivers a gluten-free, vegan-friendly, lower in fat and calories, high in protein and high fiber option. Consumers really couldn’t ask for more. Organically grown, this new chickpeas snack also delivers a clean label proposition without additives, preservatives or artificial coloring. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to better for you consumer trends.


A Taste And Flavor For Every Preference

These tasty snacks come in six distinct and delicious flavors which include:

– Far Out Fajita

A fantastic fiery combo of chili, paprika and cumin puffs will leave your taste buds looking for more fire yet.

– Sriracha Sunrise

Smacks of all the tangy-sweet and spicy jalapeno goodness that comes from the Good Earth–with a sprinkle of paprika to make it even spicier.

– Vegan White Cheddar

Without sacrificing any of the comforting cheesy taste, this treat is for those adhering to a vegan mind-set.

– Maple Haze

Enjoy the syrupy sweet flavor of country living with this savoury Hippeas creation.

– Pepper Power

Seasoned with real organic sea salt and cracked black pepper, this puff snack will be a favorite of yours and your family.

– Happenin’ Hickory

Don’t leave this one out from your next barbecue! You’ll be tasting the sweet tomato, onion, garlic and smoking hickory flavors until the next day.


A New Bold Face With A New Focus

Putting on a brand new face in snack food entries, Hippeas has an attractive and incusitive look to its packaging. A bright yellowish-orange face on the front of the package is sure to make a bold statement as it stands out on a store’s shelf..

Having been geared towards a  Millennial-oriented market, Hippeas founder Livio Bisterzo proudly points out that this is a purpose-driven company. Partnering with Farm Africa in a joint initiative, “Food For Good,” Bisterzo says that the firm gives back to society by supporting chickpeas farmers in eastern Africa.


A Class-Act Marketing Distributorship

Hippeas launched across over 7,500 Starbucks locations and other well-known store chains as well. “We worked really hard to create a snack for the health and socially conscious consumer,” said Bisterzo. “We also wanted to create a snack that delivers on taste.” It seems that Mr. Bisterzo is on a fast-track to successfully doing just that.


Check out Hippeas on Instagram @hippeas_snacks