Could an Herb Garden in Your Home Lead to Better Health?

People like to see green spaces where they live and work, and generally speaking, this is not necessarily for health reasons. Rather, it simply looks more appealing to glance out your window and see trees and plants than it does to see concrete blocks and sidewalks only.

But a new body of research has been tying greenery and spaces that include a lot of flowers and trees to better physical and mental health overall. Could this be more than a pleasing aesthetic?

It is possible that these correlations are not offering necessary evidence that having plants in your home is better for you, but some evidence does point in this direction. For example, plants do you take in the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out, and they also release oxygen that we need to bring in. In addition, several studies have shown that nearby plants can help absorb pollutants in the air, such as formaldehyde.

There are certainly a few downsides to having specific plants nearby, however. For example, many people have negative and allergic responses to certain plants. For example, number of individuals are allergic to pine.

If, however, you’re not allergic to any specific types of plants, consider adding more greenery into your home environment. You can do this in a number of ways, but one of the most useful and pleasing ways is to start an herb garden in your kitchen window. You might also consider simply putting more planted flowers around your house or plants, such as ferns.