David Farbaky Leads Aloha Construction With Exceptional Values And Compassion For His Community

Aloha Construction is a full service, local home repair company serving Illinois and Wisconsin. Over 7,000 homeowners have used their services and been pleased with the results. Aloha Construction is a symbol for safety, excellence, and expertise in the world of construction. The satisfaction of their customers is paramount to the business and the exceptional training received by their staff ensures their customers come back in the future. No detail is overlooked at any level and their teams are professional and always courteous.

David Farbaky is the owner of Aloha Construction and ensures competitive pricing and high-quality construction services. Many entrepreneurs consider him an excellent role model and his pride in his company is obvious and sincere. He gives back to his community with notable charitable efforts and his philanthropy is commendable. Aloha Construction provides all construction needs for homeowners including services such as windows, roofing, home improvement, gutters, and siding.

Aloha Construction provides services homeowners require but numerous companies do not offer. They install shutters, replace old screens, install insulation, and their downspout systems keep homes protected from water damage. Aloha Construction is there for homeowners when a crisis occurs and provide expedient and expert help. Their teams arrive on time, perform excellent cleanup, and protect their client’s homes until their project has reached completion.

The David Farbaky Foundation reveals Dave’s soft spot for children. He heard about a boy only twelve years of age with severe heart problems. After suffering through five surgeries the child was understandably distraught. Most individuals would not have become involved or simply muttered inadequate sympathies but David Farbaky is not most men. He gave Chicago Bulls tickets to the boy resulting in the delight of the boy and his mother. When you call Aloha Construction because you require work on your home you know you are dealing with a company that not only provides exceptional services but is led by compassion.

Household Chemical Dangers Still Unknown

According to a Sunday, May 3, The New York Times RetroReport called “Safety on Fire,” many chemicals used in flame retardant furniture treatments designed to delay a fire from spreading are toxic. Yet, the degree of their long-term influence on human health is unknown.

Healthcare studies since the 1970’s indicate a correlation between these chemicals and lowered IQ, memory loss, immune system dysfunction and nervous system damage, but there hasn’t been enough research done. There have also been few investigations into long-term health effects and few regulations drafted to control the amount of flame retardants that manufacturers use. Worse yet, additional studies have revealed that a lot of the chemicals in flame retardants do not remain on products — especially furniture made of foam or cloth. Instead, Mikal Watts said the chemicals leach into the environment resulting in them being absorbed through the skin or breathed into the body. Often, over time, they become a toxic dust.

As many home fires start with a lit cigarette, new studies out of California have revealed that new designs in furniture may be all that is needed to delay, or even prevent, the spread of a fire. These studies seem to indicate that flame retardants are not as necessary as was previously thought. Yet, many Americans are not going to give up their old furniture and household items in exchange for new retardant-free ones without nationwide recalls and new regulations.