Talos Energy, Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil industry plays an immense role in the economy of any given country and Mexico is no exception. For so many years now the sector has been a national one, and no private company has been involved in it. However, that changed recently after three private companies took over in the industry which was on the verge of collapse. The three, namely; Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas which holds 40% stake, Premier Oil Plc 25 %and Talos Energy 35% are in a partnership and are working on an offshore project known as Zama one. It is the first one which is not government operated and is predicted to have the highest rate of success because it holds approximately half a billion barrels of crude. That means it has a high chance of reviving the sector as it will impact it massively. It began in May and is set to go for three months. Talos Energy, a Houston based company, is the one responsible for the operations of the Zama one Well project.

About Talos Energy

As its name suggests, the company is oil and gas one and has its head quarters in Houston. It is privately run and prides itself over a team of dedicated leaders and fully trained staff. The company which began its operations six years ago mainly focuses on the procurement and also the exploration of gas and oil properties its central area of interest being the Gulf Coast and Mexico which are abundant in the product. Its chief executive officer is renown Timothy S Duncan who together with four other senior executives have helped the company soar to greater heights since it began in 2012. The group of leaders of the company have also had a hand in the formation of other firms before Talos such as Gryphon and Phoenix both of which did quite remarkably well before they sold them off. Talos Energy is backed by several prominent affiliates such as River stone Holdings LLC and Apollo Management. It combines modern technology with the traditional methods which are not only environmental friendly but also give out high-quality energy. The company has been able to give back to the society through provision of employment opportunities.