Life Insurance Policies are Worth Reviewing Each Year

Many people are completely unaware of the terrific benefits that come with Freedom Life Insurance. While there are other life insurance companies, only Freedom Life Insurance delivers the goods rapidly when the beneficiaries need it most. Buying into one of the affordable policies brings an inner peace that ensures that your loved ones stay protected. More companies than ever before are offering their employees this brilliant bonus employment option. Individuals that don’t have this policy offered through their work can still purchase a low cost policy to cover any financial hardship that could ensue by a breadwinner’s untimely death.

Since there are so many types of life insurance on the market, it is prudent to get an understanding on what these companies offer, the cost of monthly fees and what things are covered if the policy is in effect. Only consider an insurance company that has an honest business approach. These companies should be transparent about all of their business tactics, and the company should never have any hidden fees. Your loved ones deserve the best. This style of life insurance often have several options like Freedom Life Insurance offers. Customers are encouraged to look into this superior brand of effective life insurance as soon as they can.

Most individuals have never actually investigated their life insurance options before. For exceptionally low rates, individuals can choose many brands to ensure that their families do not suffer financial hardship if the main breadwinner passes away unexpectedly. Individuals can choose permanent life insurance that continues to be covered and builds a tidy equity fund that may be borrowed at some point. These premiums typically cover more and are easy to set up. Other individuals like the term life programs that only cover for the time that the policy is in effect. This is usually completed when children finish college.

Employers often go over health plans, including Freedom Life Insurance, and other benefits during initial employee education classes. Anyone interested in getting or simply reviewing their life insurance policies and other options can ask their human services employees or contact agents personally. Read for more:


USHEALTH Group working towards a better tomorrow

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is made up of two subsidiaries, National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America through which it is able to provide insurance covers. They cover a huge base when it comes to insurance, from individuals and families to entrepreneurs and their employees. To date, it has served over fifteen million people. They are trusted for their quality services and exemplary client services. They have been on the market for over 5 decades which makes them experts in the insurance field. Their insurance covers are usually tailor-made to suit each customer. This is their niche and it is how thy have managed to maintain customer loyalty over the years.

The type of products they offer is very diverse. Since their products are flexible, reliable and affordable, they have managed to maintain customer loyalty. The USHEALTH Group insurance custom makes their products according to the customer’s budget and needs. Further to that, they make sure you get value for your money. They have won awards for their outstanding customer service. Their products include but not limited to accident coverage, a specific cover for diseases, protection of income, life insurance, sight covers and dental covers among others.

Their teams are made up of professionals who are trusted and have been licensed to practice. Any USHEALTH advisor has been properly trained and certified before being allowed to represent the company in any way. This is for the purpose of ensuring quality and the right product is offered to their clients. Due to the fact that they custom make and offer a wide range of products, more clients are taking up their services. This keeps them at the top since they are innovative and their growth curve is positive.

Some of the people who may wish to take a cover for themselves or their families may fear to take one up because they are afraid of the costs. However, USHEALTH Group family insurance is there to assist you to cover your needs at your budget. They will listen to your needs and they will advise on what cover you can take up at your preferred estimate. They also offer discounts to assist in managing your costs.

This makes it more affordable to get this cover than opting for the comprehensive plan. The processing of claims and customer service in this company is exemplary and this is how they found themselves at the top of the rank in 2013 at the Top 50 North American Call Center and another from the Better Business Bureau rating of an A+. They will continue to provide their services with quality assurance to ensure their clients are happy and content. Visit:



Philanthropist and Medical Cover Company-USHEALTH Group

Our health comes first, even though one cannot predict when a disease is striking; it is advisable that one has a healthcare cover just in case of an emergency. It can be an overwhelming task to choose the appropriate medical cover company, but with the help of friends and family, the work becomes easy as they will advise on the best especially organizations which they have experienced their services as well as products.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is one of the leading medical insurance companies which are dedicated to providing quality healthcare cover throughout the United States of America. The firm offers both group and individual covers. Through their affiliate companies among them USHEALTH Advisors, and USHEALTH Advisors LLC among others, USHEALTH Group provides their services and products to their esteemed clients who include; individuals, corporations, small business owners together with their employees. The firm considers themselves as a family organization which is committed to offering tailor-made medical cover products to their clients which is affordable, reliable and flexible. The medical cover firm covers a broad range of diseases as well as conditions which include; dental coverage, short-term accident disability income, vision cover, specified disease cover, accident cover, as well as critical illness among others.

An organization that offers quality medical cover services and products can also be relied upon by those individuals who would wish to have a health partner in the future and for security reasons. The firm has a vast experience in offering as well as the distribution of the healthcare cover which runs for more than 50 years. Through the help of their selected agents throughout the region, the firm can deliver quality and reliable services and products to their customers. USHEALTH Group is founded on a strong mission which is Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). The company y together with their management trusts that the acronym is a more creative name than them and their agents. The firm is also involved in the community development and can even be considered as a nonprofit company which has been assisting in the society in various activities. Some of their actions include the distribution of shoes, formula milk, as well as clothing to a children’s shelter in the Phoenix region.

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Term Life Insurance VS. Permanent Life Insurance

Taking up a life insurance policy is an important decision that one ought to take. However, selecting the right type can turn out to be a daunting task at times. Here are some of the factors that one can consider when making this critical decision.

Term insurance fits if:

  • One needs a considerable amount of coverage but is working on a low budget. Usually, term insurance will pay the beneficiaries in the event of the principal’s death during the term of the policy. If you are still alive at the culmination of the plan, the plan ends, unless you choose to renew it. Freedom Life Insurance has gained its reputation for releasing the payouts on time. Its demerit is therefore the fact that you do not build equity, as is the case for permanent insurance.
  • One requires life insurance for a particular period only. Term insurance allows individuals to take the policy for the time they need it. For instance, if one has children and wants to plan for their college fees in advance, you can take a policy that matches the period before the kids join college. If you are planning to have the insurance pay off a debt that should be paid at a date in future, term policy will come in handy.

If you feel that your needs might vary, consider taking a convertible term insurance policy from Freedom Life Insurance. Such a plan will enable you to convert the term policy into a permanent one. Remember that the younger one is, the lower the premiums they should pay. Although some term insurance policies are renewable, upon the end of the term, note that the premiums will increase. Some insurance companies might ask for a medical examination before they offer you low rates.

Permanent insurance fits if:

  • One desires to have a savings account that grows on a tax-deferred basis. The savings can be used for various purposes such as paying off life insurance premiums. One is allowed to borrow the funds regardless of their credit record. Usually, the death benefits are used as collateral against the loans.
  • One requires life insurance throughout their lives. A permanent policy will pay death benefits regardless of the time the principal passes on. You can trust Freedom Life Insurance for timely payouts.

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Why USHEALTH Group Inc. is Still America’s Number One Insurance Solution

Quality healthcare remains the number one priority of most economies worldwide. However, with the increasingly harsh economic times, the delivery of quality healthcare has become one of the most challenging things to achieve, more so for the low-income earners. One company, however, is repositioning itself and is promising nothing short of quality and affordable insurances products and services.

Founded in 1982, USHEALTH Group has been at the heart of the American health insurance sector for over three decades. Prior to changing its name, USHEALTH Group Inc. was known as Ascent Assurance Inc. The name change came to accommodate the changing needs and demands of the industry. Currently, USHEALTH Group is based in Fort Worth, Texas, with a reputation that extends to other States in the USA. The company is known to offer a number of insurance products that are pocket-friendly to small-scale business owners and the self-employed individuals. Among the many products and services that USHEALTH Group offers include dental insurance covers for the family, disease and accident protection covers, and fixed medical insurance product to name but a few.

With the many insurance companies, to many people, it is a surprising revelation how USEALTH Group has been able to maintain the outstanding reputation it enjoys in the market today. With the majority of people thinking this situation occurred out of sheer luck, nothing could be further from the truth. USHEALTH Group has worked for all the successes it currently enjoys in the market. Some of the factors that have helped this company take the lead include its revolutionary products and services.

When it comes to USHEALTH Group’s products, the company not only boasts of having a wide range of products but also customized ones to meet the need of its clients. In addition to this, these products come at affordable costs to meet the financial needs of every consumer in the market.

The second selling point of USHEALTH Group has been its marketing wing, USHEALTH Advisory. Buying an insurance product is not something you walk into as a consumer. Thanks to this realization, USHEALTH Group has been able to found an Advisory wing hence offering guidance on how to go purchasing quality insurance products. With the help of USHEALTH Group’s amazing products, there is no more excuse to miss out on a health insurance cover.

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Who is Vincent Parascandola?

Vinny (Vincent) Parascandola serves as the senior executive vice president at the AXA Advisors, LLC. His responsibilities include recruiting, sales, retention, management development productivity, and also developing of experienced and new financial experts. Vinny Parascandola has worked in the industry for more than 25 years. He has managed to acquire a lot of experience. He started his professional journey in 1987 when he worked as an agent at Prudential. He was named as the National Rookie of the Year during this time. Vinny Parascandola later went on to work at MONY Life Insurance Company where he served in various regional and local positions in field management.

Vinny Parascandola went to work for AXA Advisors in the years 2004 after working for some years at MONY Life Insurance Company. He started by serving as the President of the Advantage Group. The Advantage Group was a unit of the AXA Equitable that was formed to attract financial experts who are seasoned. He also served as a co-manager of AXA Advisors’ New York Metro Branch. Parascandola has been able to win many management awards in the course of his career due to his exemplary leadership skills. These include the master agency awards and the GAMA’s career development.

Vinny Parascandola is a motivational speaker who speaks at industry conferences and companies. He is a GAMA member and a former president of the Florida Chapter. Vinny also served as the Chairman of the field officers committee of LIMRA. Vinny went to study at the Pace University, New York where he managed to acquire his Bachelor’s Degree in Science. The AXA Advisors, LLC is a retail and dealer distribution channel for the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. It is a top financial protection firm. The firm is among the premier providers of annuity and life insurance products in the nation. AXA Advisors has a network of about six thousand financial experts. Vinny Parascandola attributes his success in the financial world to commitment, passion, and hard work. He serves as a mentor to young and upcoming individuals who wish to venture in his line of work.