Lime Crime Brings the Lights Up

My parents always said that I was born for the stage. Even as a toddler, they said I was cheerful and entertaining. I was effervescent in public and liked being the center of attention. Even when I got grounded for misbehavior, I always made it a dramatic scene that would have even pleased Bette Davis. For the most part, I enjoyed getting attention and making people smile.

In junior high-school, I helped establish a drama club for our school. We did not have a drama teacher per se; however, our teachers helped us with each aspect of producing a school play. Our English teacher chose Romeo and Juliet as our first play and became the director. The art teacher worked with our shop teacher to design the set and our home economics teacher was going to show us how to make costumes.

With my love of acting, one would think that I would have tried out for the part of Juliet. However, I did not do it. After our home economics class started looking at patterns for the medieval costumes, I was hooked. My teacher brought the art of costume design alive for me and I knew that was what I wanted to do. Yes, I loved the thoughts of being on stage; but the thoughts of creating costumes was even more appealing. In a way, having actors wear my costumes put me in the lime light as well.

For a bunch of novice junior high-school students, the play was pretty successful. We expanded the drama club to the high school and I stayed involved. We did two plays a year and had a lot of fun doing it. With my teacher’s tutoring, I was one of the main costume designers for our club. After graduation, I went to design school and did an internship for some major state production companies. I had so many great mentors who guided me and showed me the importance of making stage characters come alive with costuming and makeup.

My love of theater and design continues to this day. I work with a major Broadway producer and am having the time of my life. I was thrilled when one of our actresses showed me a makeup website called Lime Its creator, Doe Deere, also designs clothes and has an eye-popping line of makeup and nail polishes that I adore.

The Lime Crime makeup and nail polish line is reasonably priced and I can order products right on-line. The luscious lip colors and glittery eye-shadows come in a brilliant blend of fantasy hues. I recommended the brand to one of our makeup artists and he loved it. We have used Lime Crime makeup in several of our productions and the actors rave about the variety of choices offered by the website. Not only have we used Lime Crime make up on stage, but I also buy it for home. Thanks to Doe Deere and the Lime Crime team, we can look great on stage or at home.

Can Light Bulbs Save Lives?

In this world there are many things that can save lives. There are doctors and modern medicine, there are food and water. When you think about saving a life, those are the kinds of things that you think of. But, what about light bulbs? Can light bulbs save lives? Can a specific kind of light bulbs save lives?

Scientists seem to think so. A new study suggests that LED light bulbs might be able to save the lives of those living in developing countries. How will these light bulbs save lives? Will they save them just by giving the people a way to see? No. These light bulbs will save lives by keep bugs away from the individuals living in the light that they give off. Bernardo Chua (facebook) has learned that bugs spread illnesses and disease and keeping bugs away is an important step toward a better live for those living in developing countries. Light bulbs, specifically LED light bulbs, just might save the lives of individuals living in other lands by keeping bugs away from them and their bodies.