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Although Kabbalah was once reserved for married men over 40 it has recently gained interest by several celebrities including Madonna, Paris Hilton and other people not typically thought able to learn the ancient beliefs. The Kabbalah Centre’s main focus teaching people how to create joy and lasting fulfillment in their lives. Anyone can join and learn the teachings of Kabbalah regardless of faith or religion, and that may be one of the reasons so many celebrities look to Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre. Many celebrities visit Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and claim that it helps them deal with their sometimes chaotic life and even reduce that chaos by a staggering 80%. Each person who visits the Kabbalah Centre does so for their own reasons, maybe they want to increase their spiritual side, make the world a better place, create a closer family or just learn about ancient teachings and texts. Whatever the reasons may be, one thing is clear, the Kabbalah Centre will continue to grow and provide a great outlet for anyone seeking to improve their lives or the lives of everyone they come in contact with.

The Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles teaches the five core principles that include, sharing, awareness and balance of ego, existence of spiritual laws, we are all one and leaving your comfort zone. Through these teachings they are able to help people create balance in their lives, live a more fulfilling life and help make
permanent positive changes.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles uses several methods to tech their students including, courses and classes, special events, volunteering, mentorship, publishing some of the most challenging Kabbalistic texts and preserving rare manuscripts and texts through their museum. These methods are time tested since the inception of the Centre dating back to 1922.

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What the Kabbalah Center will Truly Teach You

The Kabbalah Center can teach us a great many things. Some of us may be ready to embrace the teachings and some may not be. The Kabbalah Center can not convince you to start learning what you need to know.

“When the student is ready, the master will appear”.

It is an old saying, but it applies here. Once you are ready to open yourself up to a larger world, this is when your life will truly begin to change. There are certain things you will have to confront and overcome, in order to achieve the level of fulfillment you are looking for. Below is a list of a few things to think about while contemplating this journey.

1) Do not believe anything you read. The only way to achieve a certain level of understanding and Kabbalistic belief is by test driving the lessons. This way you can see what works for you and what does not.

2) There are only two realities. The 1% is the dark. The 99% is the light. We all should aspire to be in the 99%.

3) The only thing we really desire comes from the light force. As soon as we are born, we are taught to conform to a societal way of thinking and feeling. It is up to us to break this code and look to the light. The physical world is all an illusion. There is nothing real about it.

4) Once we begin our transformation process, we will make contact with the other 99%.

5) Our goal is to go from a reactive approach to a proactive approach.

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The Growth of Kabbalah Centres Around the World

Kabbalah is the oldest spiritual wisdom on earth and dates back to the creation of mankind. Kabbalah focuses on the secrets of the universe, connecting them to the mysteries of the human heart and soul. For centuries, the study of Kabbalah was passed down through the generations by word of mouth among the priests and religious leaders of Jewish people. With the founding of Kabbalah Centres, this practical spirituality can be studied by anyone who is interested.

Kabbalah Centres made their first appearance in 1922 when Rav Yehuda Ashlag, an elder of Kabbalah, founded the first Kabbalah Centre in Jerusalem, Israel. The establishment of this Centre was monumental in Kabbalahism because it opened up the study to all. Students came from all around the world to study under Rav Ashlag and the other elders, and Kabbalah started to grow.

The Bergs Open America to Kabbalah with Kabbalah Centres

some of the early students from the U.S. were Rav and Karen Berg. They began their journey in the 1950s, studying documents with the elders and discovering the hidden keys that unlock the wisdom of the universe. They studied there for over a decade, and then returned to America and founded the New York City Centre where they translated ancient documents and taught the principles of Kabbalah.

Within several years, they established a Centre in San Francisco and another one in Los Angeles. Today, there are Kabbalah Centres in 40 cities across the globe with an intense network on the Internet. The Bergs were very instrumental in opening up the study of Kabbalah, and the Kabbalah Centres are now central meeting places for the students. Classes are held daily, there are fellowship dinners and volunteering events within the community. Karen Berg believes that volunteering develops a giving spirit that is at the core of Kabbalahism.

Kabbalah is a practical study, which teaches the spiritual keys that allow the student to make better decisions in their life. Kabbalahism also believes that joy is at the center of every human being, and the studies activate it for the student.

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The Kabbalah Society

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organisation which provides courses on Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar. The organisation is located in Los Angeles, California but has numerous regional centres and study groups all over the world. The Kabbalah Centre teachings aim at providing students with spiritual tools established on Kabbalistic principles which the students can apply in their lives.


Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the Kabbalah in 1922 in Israel. Later in 1965, Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein established the Centre in the United States as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The Los Angeles Centre was established in 1984. After the death of Rav Berg, Karen Berg and Michael Berg took over as the directors and spiritual teachers of the organisation.


The Kabbalah Centre seeks to provide an avenue for its students to improve their lives. To achieve this ,the teachers start by teaching the students the teachings of Kabbalah to provide them with the Kabbalistic principles. The attained principles can then be applied by the students to make better decisions in life and make the world a better place.


The Kabbalah Centre doesn’t present its teachings as a substitute for any other religion but as a supplement to the other religions. According to its aspects, the general observed spiritual and religious beliefs are mere subdivisions of a universal wisdom which explains the resemblances of various faiths like Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.


The Kabbalah Centre has a firm belief in stars’ divination with Rav Berg one of its founder having written numerous books on astrology during his career. The Kabbalah tradition has a strong belief that cosmic forces affects everything in our lives and knowing how to understand these effects can be very useful to any Kabbalist.


The Kabbalah Centre and its teachings have attracted many followers worldwide among them being renown celebrities. Celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Taylor and Paris Hilton have been associated with the Centre. Madonna, the American singer, is seen as the most active Kabbalah student among the celebrities who are associated with the Centre, she has a personal Kabbalah Centre rabbi, introduced Jewish rituals into some of her music videos and tithes regularly to the Kabbalah Centre. In 2006 Madonna teamed up with the Centre in the Raising Malawi project to provide relief aid to the African nation of Malawi.

What The Kabbalah Centre Offers To Those Seeking To Study Kabbalah

Some Basic Tenets Of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the study of the Torah and other Jewish religious texts through a spiritual perspective. Instead of focusing on the religious, moral or lawful aspects of the Torah and other Jewish texts, Kabbalah takes a more mystical approach to explaining Judaism. The study of Kabbalah goes back many thousands of years and has had contributions from many great scholars called Kabbalists or scholars of Kabbalah.

One of these great Kabbalists or contributors to Kabbalah was a religious figure called Shimon Bar Yochai. He is said to have fled the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and studied the Torah in hiding. Shimon Bar Yochai is widely believed to have authored the Zohar. This is an extensive collection of all the previous works of Kabbalah before him. He not only organized previous works of Kabbalah but also interpreted them and offered his own insight. Today the Zohar, is considered to be the main document from which our study of Kabbalah is based upon. New works and commentary also build upon the Zohar. To really understand Kabbalah one should look at the Zohar, at least briefly.

Kabbalah believes that there are ten segments that make up who we are. Some examples are gevhurah, hesod, and tifferet. These are translated as self control or restraint, love and compassion or giving. The ten sefirot must be in balance with one another for a person to be truly happy, peaceful and healthy. They key to attaining enlightenment is to let each sefirot express itself and be in harmony with others.

How The Kabbalah Centre Can Help You Incorporate Kabbalah Into Your Life

The Kabbalah Centre is an international scholarly organization that is based in Los Angeles, California. It hosts classes on the study of Kabbalah at its many centres around the world. The Kabbalah Centre is now found on almost every continent and in most major cities.

Online classes are also offered by Kabbalah for those that cannot attend a study seminar. The centre also has its own press which publishes works on the Kabbalah. Kabbalah Centre is officially a non profit organization that has a stated goal of sharing the wisdom found in Kabbalah with the world. The organization hopes that by sharing knowledge it can better people and the world as a whole.