KFC Restaurants In Iceland Are Closing Due To A Chicken Shortage

Boraie Development reports that if you plan to visit Iceland and want a taste of good ole southern fried chicken at a KFC restaurant you better pick another place to eat. There’s a nationwide chicken shortage in the country due to an ongoing veterinarian strike. The eight KFC restaurants in Iceland won’t have enough drumsticks to fill a family bucket in a few days according to KFC’s managing director in Iceland.

The chicken shortage is the result of no chickens being slaughter while the strike is in place. The strike is only a couple of weeks old, so KFC hopes the dispute will be settled quickly. The strange part of this story is why would they stop slaughtering chickens because of a veterinarian strike? The answer is foreign to chicken lovers in America. They know nothing would stop a chicken slaughtered in the US. American veterinarians don’t strike and have little to do with chickens other than eating them.

Iceland has a vet- chicken-checking system in place that protects their citizens from contaminated chicken meat. The FDA performs that service for Americans and they never go on strike, but they do take a lot of time off.