Women in Business: Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, formerly Global Executive Chairman of KBS

Lori Senecal, according to recent research, is one of the most global CEOs of CP+B. She is the former KBS Global Executive Chairperson. According to her mission, she is the one responsible for deepening MDC’s unique working and model with the MDC agent partners in one of the most consultative roles with cross-collaboration and fuel growth. She has also worked to drive strategic plans in all her work and contracts as a manager. When it comes to partnering with clients, she always works to play the leadership role to help the situation contain a seamless collaboration of structures across all her capabilities. While she was a manager at KBS, she played her focus on the growth and vision of the agency as the forefront goal in any company to consider itself achieved.

For more than five years now, Senecal has worked to initiate the development of a movement and a new ambition for this industry to press the button beyond the innovation hyperbole to the genuine invention schemes possible in any growing industry. For this reason, she has worked to solidify THE brand agency and KBS to form one of the most inventive worlds in the industry. It is always in her strongest beliefs that it takes one of the truest inventions to have the company delver the most competitive advantages for any brand in the industry. She has also worked to spread the agency business, at KBS, through the technology units by the name KBS Assassins & Spies. Lori has also worked to spearhead the development of KBS content Labs for content creation and the KBS Ventures for all startup investments.

For her to have one of the most resourceful workforces in the industry, she takes her precious time to have the employees encouraged to invent a career of their choice. For this reason, she has incubated and worked in numerous passion projects and pitched the startups for the employees through one of the most inventive competitions in the world. For this reason, she has stood as an inspiration pillar for her employees to emulate a life of a successful career developer while fueling culture and invention.