The Jon Urbana That Most of You Don’t Know About

Jon Urbana is not just a musician. He doesn’t just sing songs and make music videos. he is also more than just your average joe. He has a compasionate and caring side that many of you are not aware of. He does a lot of charity work. He has a deep passion for people and helping them.

He not only gives to charities, but he also jumps right in and does hands on work with the charites when he has the time. With an active Facebook following and plenty of followers on Twitter, he uses his social media expertise to spread the word about these wonderful causes. He also makes some really fun videos, like the one shown here:

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana doesn’t help charites for show or to improve his ratings. He does it because he cares, just like he cared about his lacrosse career at Villanova. Charities are his way of giving back, not only with money but with his time and very own hands as well.

With plenty of support shown for his charity drives, even on Yahoo Answers, Jon Urbana is one of the few that actually take the time to stop, share, care, give, and provide for some of the less fortunate who have fallen upon hard times. He sees people – even his colleagues – as his friends and family.

Urbana has done remarkable work both on and off the stage, as I am sure you are quite aware of his musical background expertise. Here’s one of my favorite Urbana tracks (Swan Song) below:

If music isn’t your thing, here’s one of the videos Urbana created to promote his GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force.


You can view some of his charatable controbutions at
When you take the time to really try and get to know Jon Urbana, you can see that there is much more to him than just a musician. He also has a good business head about him as well. He has business ventures also that have real potential. And if you haven’t seen his photography, I’ll let this picture do the talking…

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

His business presentations can be seen at

As you can see Jon Urbana is quite the MAN. He is the all around American, talented musician, kind hearted generous soul that more people should be like.

Follow Jon on Instagram at @jonurbana

Football Player’s Daughter Has Good prognosis on Rare Cancer

Devon Still, football defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals football team, received some bad news this past June.His four-year-old daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.The football player was anxious to see Leah perform in a ballet recital when she started to complain about pain in her hips. Mr. Still, who spends his off season in Philadelphia, rushed Leah to Children’s Hospital to find out what was wrong. It was then that he learned his daughter had stage 4 neuroblastoma. At the time, the doctors said Leah had a 50-50 chance of recovering. Leah underwent many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell implants in hopes of rebuilding her bone marrow supply.
This past September, Leah was wheeled into the operating room to have her cancerous tumors removed and her right adrenal gland cleared, where the cancer originated from. The football team decided to help Devon Still with the doctor bills.
Paul Mathieson knows that the best news of all is Leah has been declared free from cancer. (Find Mathieson on to her doctors, there is no sign of the active disease in her body. Still says they are not completely over the cancer yet because he is awaiting the results of Leah’s MRI and bone biopsy reports that should be available later in the week. The doctors are very hopeful that Leah will be on her way to a nice recovery.

Bariatric Surgery Helps Obese Patient’s Fertility

According to an article in the New York Times, obese women who undergo bariatric surgery and later become pregnant, are healthier. Jason Halpern points out that they have healthier babies and their own pregnancies have fewer complications than those of obese women who get pregnant while still obese. The patients also had an easier time getting pregnant after the weight loss.

It’s no secret that obesity is a health risk in and of itself. If women cannot lose a considerable amount of weight before becoming pregnant, bariatric surgery may help. This is the surgical removal of part of the stomach or reducing its size with a stapling procedure. The physical placing of the lap band around the stomach is not as effective.

Women who became pregnant after the procedure developed an average of 30% fewer complications than their counterparts who did not have the surgery. The women also had a reduced rate of premature births, gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, a life threatening illness.

The health benefits also showed in their babies who were born closer to term and didn’t develop childhood obesity later on.

It seemed to be most effective in women who underwent the surgery and waited for at least a year to try to get pregnant.

Vijay Eswaran- Blazing a Trail of Success Across Asia

The name Vijay Eswaran is rapidly becoming a household name across the global village. Eswaran, a Malayasian citizen, shot to fame some years ago after he founded the Qi Group of companies in 1998. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the start-up company was originally called GoldQuest, an entity that invested in the trading of gold coin collectibles. Today, it has diversified its operations, expanding into such areas as consumer goods, the vegetarian grocery business and telecommunications. The Qi Group has 25 offices, spanning Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Rwanda, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Vijay Eswaran knew early he would not be content to be someone’s paid employee. He had a fire, a desire, a drive to carve out a niche for himself. He had to be somebody, a leader, a trailblazer, one of the movers and shakers in the marketplace. Armed with an MBA from the University of Southern Illinois, and a socio-economic degree from London School of Economics, he set out to change the way the world does business. The Qi Group which started as primarily an e-commerce company has surpassed expectations. With Eswaran at the helm, it has outdone several of its Asian competitors, growing exponentially to become one of the most successful businesses on the continent.

Eswaran’s interests and involvement have transcended the boundaries of the commercial world, and now extend to such things as philanthropy, education, sports, leadership and motivational missions. He is also a published author, motivating the hopeless masses to aspire to great and limitless things. At the 18th Malaysian Education Summit, he received the Special Award for Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. This was in recognition of his company’s partnership with Quest International University Perak (QIUP) and helping to propel it to rapid growth over the past three years. He serves as Chairman of the University Council, and has provided solid leadership during his tenure. Currently, the institution offers 20 programs, including post graduate studies and medicine.

Under the leadership of this highly-driven and ambitious CEO, the Qi Group has made several forays into the world of international sports. In August 2014 they partnered with Manchester City, the Barclay’s Premiere League championships. They are now the Club’s official direct sales partner, and have sponsored several other sports teams and sporting events across the globe.

Eswaran’s philosophy of positive thinking, service to others and a strong spiritual life has paid off. Currently, he is considered one of Malaysia’s wealthiest people, with an estimated net worth of $500 million. His rags-to-riches story is phenomenal, showing how much one can achieve with a clear plan of action, and the drive and determination to execute this.