Makari De Suisse: Superb Skin Whitening Creams That Delivers Remarkable Results

Imagine luxurious Swiss formulas that effectively smooth, brighten and whiten your complexion. Now, consider a product line known around the globe for using safe ingredients without the potential dangers of hydroquinone.

Only the strictest manufacturing standards are used by the Makari Suisse brand, and that is how the integrity of their label has grown.

Prescription products and many over-the-counter lines use suspect chemicals like hydroquinone in their skin whitening creams. Makari believes there is another way that always plays safe with the customer. Their natural formulas feature unique ingredients that beautifully balance the skin tone, deliver clear, radiant skin and leave your complexion soft and smooth to the touch.

Makari De Suisse has been designed for beautiful darker, ethnic skin tones challenged with hyper-pigmentation issues. Dark spots, freckles, acne marks, sun damage, melasma and more are all greatly improved through exquisite formulas that are kind and gentle to even the most sensitive skin types.

Makari De Suisse develops and creates incredible formulas with wonderful ingredients like carrot oil, argan oil and caviar extracts for excellent nourishment and moisturizing.

Favorite Makari skin whitening creams, soaps and serums include their Rose Gold Collection. The lightweight Lightening Lotion absorbs quickly and never dries out the skin and is perfect for daily use. The accompanying Lightening Serum also packs a powerful beauty punch in further whitening the skin. It’s perfect for problem areas and to be used sparingly, because of its excellent strength. The Makari Gold Soap and Night Cream offer help in maintaining your new clear, radiant, balanced complexion.

Products from the brand’s Extreme Carrot Oil Argan line are another customer favorite for their immense skin whitening and brightening properties. The Exclusive Carrot and Argan Serum delivers radiance-boosting natural botanical oils with a super concentration of Makari’s exclusive lightening ingredient, known as organiclarine.