White Shark Media Can Build Better AdWords Campaigns Than Most Other Companies

When you use Google AdWords, you need to employ the best strategies for your campaigns because if you don’t, you may end up overbidding on keywords or paying for clicks that don’t generate sales leads. SEM like SEO entails a good use of keywords, but because of the bidding factors and the higher cost than SEO it can be a little trickier to manage. That’s why it pays to hire a digital media agency that knows how to use AdWords to help manage your campaigns and advise you on the best strategies to employ. White Shark Media is certified by Google’s SMB partner network, and has a good track record of managing AdWords campaigns.


White Shark Media has specialists that know what it takes to make AdWords campaigns stand out, and how to maximize your keywords to the fullest. Not only can they manage pay-per-click ads and call tracking, they also have a triton website feature included if you want go get even more out of your marketing. Also, White Shark Media has taken steps to improve their communication channels and keep customers involved at all phases of AdWords campaign changes.


White Shark Media addressed one complaint about customers losing track of their AdWords campaigns by setting up a monthly review meetings that give you an in-depth look at every campaign and how it’s performing. White Shark Media also has a contact person that you can call at any time if you have questions or concerns about your campaigns. If you want to know more about White Shark Media before you hire them, you may be interested in their evaluation.


White Shark Media’s evaluations are where they explain what they would do to change your current AdWords campaigns to get a better return on investment. They schedule a time to meet with you on GoToMeeting.com and then share screens where they take a look at your current campaigns. They do not actually change anything in your existing AdWords account during the evaluation process. but just simply give you a glimpse into their knowledge and let you decide whether or not to hire them. If you don’t want to hire them, you’re free to use that knowledge and walk away.