Different Spinal Surgery Centers in the U.S.

Spinal surgery is one very helpful procedure for people that suffer from different types of pain. Fortunately, there are many different spinal surgery centers in the United States. Many of them have different methods. Some of them are more effective than the others. However, they are still effective, and patients have often left the center with their spine related problems healed. However, as with different methods, there are also different time frames. It is also important to know that not all spinal surgery centers are created equal. There are surgical methods that are better than others that are exclusive at a certain type of hospital. North American Spine has the AccuraScope procedure for instance.

On their LinkedIn page you can see that North American Spine’s AccuraScope procedure has proven to be a very helpful and innovative method for performing spinal surgery. North American Spine’s AccuraScope has been featured on many news stations for the many features that it boasted. For one thing, the overall time for the procedure is very short. It takes very little time to prepare for the procedure. The procedure itself takes less than an hour to complete. Afterwards, it only takes a week at the most to recover from the procedure. Among the people North American Spine has helped were Joe Berry, a former firefighter, and Harold Stumpf. They both suffered chronic pain which either interfered with their work or had them take off from work altogether.

AccuraScope is a relatively new procedure so ti is only available at one location, and that is at North American Spine’s office in Texas. For those that live far away and do not want to travel that far for a procedure, there are plenty of other hospitals closer by that offer surgical procedures that are very effective. The important thing is that one has to find the most effective hospital in his area. This is pretty easy once one figures out the steps to follow.

The first step one has to take is to find every place that does spinal surgery in the area. Then do some research about each of the places available. One thing he could do is read the reviews. In order to get a good idea on the advantages and the potential hazards that one could face, he must read both good and bad reviews. Then he can decide which one of the surgical centers are worth the most. Afterwards, he can make an appointment.

If one has a doctor that he can trust, he should seek his advice. The doctor could refer him to a trustworthy practitioner. The doctor often knows more about spinal surgery than others. The doctor also knows more about the patient’s condition. The doctor could save a lot of time that could have spent on looking for a surgical center. The doctor may even set up an appointment for the patient to have a procedure done on his spine. When it comes to surgery, one needs all the care that he can get around the procedure.

Dr. Daniel Amen Researches How Meditation Aids Relaxation

One of the most important and respected psychiatrists in the world, Dr. Daniel Amen, has turned his attention to attempting to prove that meditation and breathing techniques can play a role in the health and maintenance of the mind and body. The physician has spent his recent career looking into the effect of meditation on the mind when it is completed on a daily basis for a period of 12 minutes. The main effects have been monitored and researched to show that meditation can have a positive effect on both the body and mind, particularly on the ability to focus the mind on important details.

Dr. Amen has also used the interview, which was first reported by Yahoo, to explain how specific breathing techniques have ability to lower the stress levels of individuals. The physician details how to use the breathing techniques he has developed and observed can actually lower stress levels in just a few minutes and live a life filled with less tension.

Dr. Amen has developed a strong following through the large number of books he has published and have become New York Times bestsellers. The founder of the famous Amen Clinics, the doctor is one of the best known faces in psychiatry and has become well known for his media appearances. One of the areas that Dr. Amen has had a large impact on is the understanding of how sports injuries affect the brain and can see the development of mental health issues.

Homeopathy Gets A Failing Grade From Australia’s National Health Council

The National Health And Medical Research Council In Australia Says Homeopathy Treatments Are Ineffective

The medical profession conducts a lot of studies. They study the effects and the side-effects of just about everything they can get their hands on. For centuries, people around the world have used tried and true homeopathic medications to heal what ails them. But a new study says not so fast; they don’t work.

When homeopathic treatments are administered correctly, most people get relief. But a new study by the Australian National Health Council says that’s all a load of hogwash. The Council claims homeopathic treatments don’t work, period.

Dan Newlin knows that what the medical profession forgets is all drugs are made from homeopathic plants, flowers, and other natural ingredients. The issue with homeopathic treatments is the way the treatment is administered. Homeopathy is body-mind-spirit therapy, not just body therapy. If a person’s mind is not in sync with the treatment, the results are not good.

Homeopathy is about restoring total wellness. That fact is lost in modern medicine. Medical treatments are usually a synthetic drug regime that does little to heal the mind and spirit. Perhaps the Australian Council should begin another study. That study should be done on all-inclusive, mind-body-spirit homeopathic treatments.

The Health Care System Needs To Prioritize

At the 2015 Texas Enterprise Speaker Series, the Dell Medical School dean Dr. Clay Johnston, speaks about the flaws in the health care system. Johnston states, ‘the whole system is geared towards doing more, rather than doing better or treating the sickest patients, because that’s the way it gets paid.’ Your text to link…

In the time Johnston spoke, he pointed out the health care system is unable to keep up with advancing technology, and runs on a 20 year cycle. Susan McGalla understands that this allows the system to help meet their status quo, but does not treat the patients that are really sick. The health care system puts too much time and money in marketing for preventative care and not efforts are put into treating patients that really need the care.

Johnston informed his audience the reason why a patient is unable to speak with the doctor on the phone is because they don’t get paid to do so. Doctors get paid to see the patient, read test results, and prescribe medications, but not to speak with them on a phone call.

Overall, the health care system is currently on a path to promote preventative care over treating sick patients and finding a more effective way to treat a disease. If the system put as much time and effort into research for a better treatment option, the money coming into the system would plummet.

Autism Speaks Supports Vaccines

Nationally, the current outbreak of the measles virus has spread to 14 states and infected 104 people. Researchers have pinpointed the start of this current outbreak started at what was intended to be a magical place also known as Disneyland. Since then, numerous of people have argued for and against vaccinating children against the deadly virus. Most of the fears revolve around the recent increase in autism. While others point out that the research making these claims has been proven false and its author shunned by the medical community. Some on the right have wanted to advocate for parental choice while others point out that these vaccines save lives.

Now the leadership of the autism advocacy group known as Autism Speaks is now chiming in on the argument. But not in a way that some would expect. They are actually favoring the actual scientific research that says there is no link in vaccines causing autism and are advocating strongly that all kids should get vaccinations. Currently 33 states mandate all children receive vaccines prior to entering school without a personal belief exception. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG knows that Mississippi usually comes in last in most national categories, actually leads the country by having the highest percentage of vaccinated children at 99.7%. Colorado has the lowest percentage at 81.7%. Researchers believed they had almost eradicated the measles virus through the MMR vaccine in 2000. But the debunked research led to many parents not getting their kids shots and allowing the virus to reemerge.

Poor Posture Infograph Released By North American Spine

If you currently have insomnia, headaches, neck pain, or back pain, you may not know this, but it may be caused by poor posture. There may be many different reasons for pain in your body, but it’s unlikely that you attribute it to posture. North American Spine has released an infograph, which informs people about the negative effects of poor posture. PR Newswire reports that North American Spine recently released the infograph, in order to help those who have poor posture, to correct their posture, in order to avoid pain. Several different pains can be caused by improper posture, so the infograph shows how to improve posture.

If you’re not certain that your posture is poor, the infograph informs you, if you do have poor posture. The information also lets people know the pains that poor posture can cause, and ways to have proper posture, while sitting and standing. North American Spine is a leader when it comes to back, spine, and neck pain. Over 8000 patients have sought out help from the facilities over the years, in order to relieve their pain permanently. Over 82% of patients who have gone to North American Spine for treatment, have seen successful relief of their pain.

Most who go to North American Spine for treatment, would recommend the facility to others in the same type of pain. North American Spine performs the AccuraScope procedure, which is a procedure lasting about 45 minutes, and it’s minimally invasive. Only a small incision is needed in the back, in order to insert the AccuraScope, and to perform the surgery. Once the surgery is performed, the patient quickly recovers, and can get back to their normal life. North American Spine is currently celebrating over six years of helping their patients through chronic pain, as well as healing chronic pain.

Profiles in Biotechnology: Dr. Mark Ahn

Dr Mark Ahn is currently an adjunct professor at two universities as well as holding a wide variety positions at many varied biosciences companies. He is on staff at both Portland State University as well as Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Ahn also works as a consultant about strategic initiatives for the biotechnology industry and serves on the board of directors and as a high ranking officer for several such companies.

In the past as well as today, Dr. Ahn has worked closely with biopharmaceutical leaders to help develop new methods of looking at the world and new ways of utilizing pharmaceuticals effectively in order to provide better services for patients and better medicines for all those who seek health care. His prior clients include both Amgen, Genentech and Galena Biopharma. Dr. Ahn has published extensively in his field. All of his writing places a focus on issues in life sciences as well as innovation and technology management. He has also focused his view on the issues surrounding leadership.

His latest work includes an examination of competence based benchmarking in regards to biopharmaceutical product launches as well as ethical ways of approaching and working with the AIDS pandemic in developing nations. Dr. Ahn has also worked on looking closely at the high performance bioeconomy in the country of New Zealand as well as the biotech industry in Malaysia and multi-national pharmaceutical production in China. His international interests are far-ranging and encompass many fields as well as many areas of the world. This has helped him gain a unique and highly useful understanding of many emerging industries across the entire globe which allows him to consult business start ups.

Dr. Ahn’s primary focus has been the biotech industry where his expertise has been highly valued. He has spent over a decade in this field, working to help companies around the world develop new products, explore new markets and gain a better understanding of the needs of their customers. His educational background includes a University of Essex graduate fellowship where his focus was on economics. He did his doctoral work and earned a ph.d in philosophy at the prestigious University of South Australia.

At present, Dr. Ahn works with a wide variety of companies that value his expertise. Dr. Ahn also works as a vice president for hematology at Genentech and vice chairman of Essia Health. He also serves in an advisory capacity at Immunosoft.

North American Spine Pioneers New Spine Related Medical Breakthroughs

North American Spine in Dallas, Texas offers a unique approach to spinal correction. If you have a problem with your spine, North American Spine offers minimally invasive surgery and care so that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. They want you to be able to get back to the world and life you love.

Do You Have Recurrent or Chronic Back Pain?

Back pain affects millions of people in the United States and around the world each year. Even if it is just back pain that comes and goes, it can seriously change your life. Back and neck pain may keep you from eating well and exercising. Just standing at the counter to cut vegetables or taking a walk around the block may cause pain so bad that you can hardly take it. Back and neck pain can also keep you from spending time with your friends and family members. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get outside to play with your kids or go for a bike ride with friends?

In addition, back pain can ruin your finances. Many people who have severe problems with their spine end up having to quit their jobs, or they are let go. Some people can’t survive on disability, and they want to work. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Finally, back pain can change your mind and your mood.

What North American Spine Can Offer You

North American Spine specializes in fixing back and neck pain. They do this with minimally invasive procedures. These procedures use only small incisions near the spine so that your recovery time is very short, and you don’t have very many scars to heal and deal with. Our techniques are unique and not found anywhere else.

Would You Like to Learn More or Book an Appointment?

If you would like to learn more about North American Spine or if you are ready to book your first consultation appointment with a specialist now, feel free to call the North American Spine hotline number. It is open and available 24/7. The website also has a ton of detailed information on the specialists and treatments available at North American Spine. Get the help you need today.

They also have social media resources if you just want to read up on the company as well.

Insect Borne and Spread Diseases


An insect bite can do more than just hurt for a few moments, it can actually make you very sick or even kill you. Consider the West Nile virus that is passed via a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes feed on infected birds in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, then they bite you and infect you with the disease.  Here are a few other insect borne and carried diseases that could effect your health.
Malaria, which kills one million people like Vijay Eswaran per year is spread via mosquitoes.
Dengue fever is a viral illness carried by mosquitoes and spread via their bite. Few victims survive it’s high fever and rash.
Japanese encephalitis is confined to Asia, but since there is no available treatment up to 30 percent of those who contact it will die.
Yellow fever is borne and spread via mosquitoes. Yellowing skin, abdominal pain, vomiting of blood and possible kidney failure can all be caused by one bite from an infected mosquito.
Not only mosquitoes carry diseases, the bubonic plague is carried and spread by fleas and sand flies carry and spread Leishmaniasis, an ulcerative disease of skin and internal organs which has a death rate of 95 percent if left untreated.

A Blood Test That Could Detect Breast Cancer in Early Stages

There have been many inventions for detecting breast cancer. The first invention to detect cancer was X ray technology in 1896 and then Mammography was invented in the 1920s, but it didn’t become accepted until the late 1950s. I read on Twitter that someone I follow, Jonathan Veitch, is visiting the researchers at Oxford University who are working on a blood test that can detect breast cancer in its early stages. http://www.wallstreethedge.com/a-blood-test-that-could-detect-breast-cancer-in-early-stage/2936/ We are told there is between 2 to 3 grams of Zinc throughout the entire body. A blood test that could detect breast cancer in early stages and changes in zinc can be indicate if there’s any cancerous development in the breast tissue.
Zinc in the Blood
According to Dr. Fiona Larner, study leader of the Earth Sciences department at Oxford University, breast cancer contains high levels of zinc. She believes a simple blood test can detect the chances of zinc throughout the body, which will determine if a woman is in the early stages of breast cancer.
The Pilot Study
Ten women were tested; five had healthy breasts and five were cancer patients.Each woman was given a blood test to have her zinc analyzed. Healthy tissue in breasts generally contain a small amount of zinc; the exact amount is unknown.