The Brown Modeling Agency Abolishes Stereotypes by Producing Diverse Stars

There is no denying that the modeling agency tends to have a bad reputation. Most believe that these people possess an unrealistic ideal of body image and beauty, but that is utterly false. There are a plethora of different types of models, each of which service a particular industry within the fashion field. From average to plus size, models of all types are needed. Typically, however, average models share the same qualities.


Sure, models are tall, but not as tall as people would expect. For male models, most agencies require that they are at least six feet tall, with a cut off being at six foot two inches. Women are required to be anywhere from five feet eight inches tall to about five feet eleven inches. In some circumstances, a female model will reach six feet tall and still be sought after in the industry. Alas, clothing tends to look better on taller models.


The average male model can wear a size forty jacket and is not too muscular nor too skinny. A female model will usually have a thirty-one-inch bust line, a twenty-two-inch waist, and thirty-two-inch hips. Of course, a particular agency or designer will decide their own measurements that are dependent on their ad, shoot, or personal preferences.

The Attitude

A model is always classy and continuously natural. Most picture models and assume that they are always dressed up, full of makeup, and have their hair in perfect condition. However, it is a requirement for models to be natural, meaning that they have little to no makeup, their hair is controlled yet out of the way, and dressed in jeans, a tank top, or t-shirt. Females usually have heels on while men wear something comfortable yet presentable. Whatever the case, a model must always be friendly, professional, and respectful to those they meet.

The Brown Modeling Agency

Of all of the modeling agencies to be found in the world, The Brown Agency is one of the most unique. Having serviced thousands of models in under a decade, this agency is intent on abolishing stereotypes while concurrently sustaining the ones that matter. Of course, their models are kempt and natural, but they are of all heights, weights, and general looks. With a client list, including Louis Vuitton, Dell, and Toyota, The Brown Agency has worked with countless professionals and did so greatly.

The Brown Agency prepares models for the real world. As they have produced models who have graced the runway at Miami Swimsuit Week, Dallas and New York Fashion Weeks, and more, their agency grew in popularity, but never sacrificed their morals for a quick dollar. With a knowledge of the industry and how difficult it is for aspiring models, this agency has prepared men, women, and children for the hardships, accolades, and general responsibility of becoming a model.