Possible Billion Dollar Merger Between Monsanto and Bayer

Being a farmer isn’t easy. Many crops get damaged by insects or the weather. Others rot during transport to countries far away. For every piece of fruit or vegetable that is lost, less money is made. To remedy this, bountiful harvests are sprayed with toxic chemicals, picked before they even have a chance to ripen, and genetically modified. Gone are the days when you could pick an apple up at the grocery store and know that it was “pure”. Monsanto seed company has had a lot to do with that. They have become a king in the industry of the genetic adulteration of nature. This has caused them a lot of problems though, and few are happy with the way the company is run. So to help, the Germany based chemical company called “Bayer” has offered them a whopping 62 billion dollars in a new merger deal that could put some farmers out of business. Monsanto said this isn’t enough money though, and they turned them down in an unexpected move. The ball is in Bayer’s court now, and they have just a short time to decide if they are willing to cough-up even more money. If the two companies become one, they would monopolize the industry, which would reduce necessary competition that keeps prices lower and more affordable for farmers. For this reason, many are hoping the deal doesn’t happen.