Bruce Levenson And His Selling Of Atlanta

As one of the most popular and profitable career choices, sport has always entailed a lot of dedication and effort. Those who want to be involved in sport must be prepared to scarify many things and have a different approach to life. One of the few people who managed to do this is certainly Bruce Levenson, a former NBA owner, who is also included in many other activities.

Who Is Bruce Levenson?
As a successful businessman , Mr. Levenson managed to combine a wide range of interests, from sport, education, to even cooking. This means that he made an impact in many different fields, and he has a lot to say when it comes to business. He was born in Washington, where he graduated, and this is when his career as a journalist began. His first worked at the UCG (United Communications Group), and thanks to his professionalism and skills he managed to turn this company into one of the most successful companies that deliver its content online, and that have more than 44 million customers. He still continues to run the company’s business, and before that he was appointed to the board of directors of Electronic Publishers Association and the Newsletter. He is also a former NBA team owner, but he decided to sell this team, thus profiting in many other ways.
In addition to this, Bruce Levenson is involved in many philanthropic activities, such as the Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington. He also founded the Nonprofit Leadership, the University of Maryland and the Center for Philanthropy. The mission is to provide the students with the skills and to turn them into next generation of business leaders, especially in the non-profit sector. He also makes sure that student can find a full-time employment upon graduation. So, his center is in a way a new approach to higher education, and students can use their skills to impact many lives throughout their career.
Bruce Levenson And Atlanta Hawks
The Atlanta Hawks is a basketball team founded in 1946, which is based in Atlanta. The team joined the National Basketball Association 3 years later, and then it moved to Milwaukee, where their name was changed into Hawks.
However, Times’ Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks, and it was eventually sold to a billionaire Tony Ressler, who offered a significant amount of money for this. He is now making sure that the team continues to be successful, and to move even to a higher level of success. Before him, there were others who were interested in buying the Atlanta Hawks. For instance, Jason Levien, Erick Thohir and Steve Kaplan were also in the game, and before that Bruce Levenson considered selling the Atlanta Hawks to Philips Arena. There were speculations that he team would be sold for $1 billion, but Mr. Zimbalist, an experienced economist, proposed another price that would range from $710 million to $760 million. However, the deal also includes Philips Arena, and Steve Koonin as well will be part of many future plans.
So, selling the team eventually turned out to be a good idea. Mr. Levenson made a lot of profit, and the team’s new owner will do his best to run the business successfully, and those who like Bruce Levenson will still be seeing him on the TV and participating in many different organizations.