The Rising Trend of Sapphire Engagement Rings

In 1981, Princess Diana chose a blue sapphire engagement ring. Her choice was not widely accepted, however by the time her son Prince William proposed to girlfriend Kate Middleton in 2010 with the same ring, things had changed. Since the reintroduction of the famous ring, there has been a growing trend in replacing the traditional engagement ring’s diamond with a gemstone. The most popular of course, being sapphire.

Of all gems, sapphire is the most durable and your second best choice after a diamond. It is also less expensive. While blue is the most common color found, there are several other colored sapphires. Pink sapphire has also become quite popular but yellow and red can be found as well. When shopping, be sure your gemstone is genuine. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to differentiate synthetic from authentic. Experts state that you can tell when a stone is synthetic by rubbing it between yours fingers. A synthetic stone will feel a little like rubber.

The Natural Sapphire Company sells more than two hundred sapphire rings a month, according to its president, Michael Arnstein. The company is a well established family business that was founded by Walter Arnstein in 1939. The Arnstein’s had a passion for finding precious medals and gold and only provided the most natural stones on earth. Michael is the third generation of Arnstein’s that has seen presidency over the company. They offer sapphire in blue, pink, yellow, white, and other unique colors. Arnstein states that men are pleased to find out that sapphires are less expensive than the traditional diamond.

It is a personal choice whether you choose to have a diamond or other gemstone engagement ring. It is good to know that sapphire and other natural stones are smoother and more practical for the women who are on the go and very active. Traditional cut diamonds can snag and come loose from the prongs, due to their abrasive surface. If a diamond isn’t your thing, try a gemstone and especially a sapphire. Perhaps, Princess Diana knew all along what kind of statement her ring would make.