Lime Crime Has Cooked Up a Brand New Scandal


When it comes to introducing hot new products to the market, Lime Crime sits at the top of the rankings. This brand I revolutionizing the make-up industry with it’s flashing hot new products. Have you heard of “Scandal?” This is the brand’s brand new lipstick from it’s Velvetine Collection and it’s causing a stir thanks to it’s attention grabbing effects. This product is full of drama and excitement just by the look of it’s presence. The deep pigmented purple hues demands attention as it possess’ that punk rocker edge.


Scandal just has a carefree type of vibe about itself as it truly personifies rebellion. Unlike many other lipstick brands such as Cover Girl, Maybelline, L’Oréal, etc. Lime Crime is all about pushing the envelope, which as made it into one of the top contenders of this oversaturated market. Company/Brand Founder Doe Deere designed this product line as a reflection of self as many of the eclectic color tones come from her very own sense of style. Scandal has all of the quality benefits as the brand’s other lipstick products such as being 100% Vegan, Animal Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Long Lasting, and Touch Proof. This luxurious formula gives the user a rich purple/violet hue that stands out in a crowd. Either way you look at it, it’s going to set the industry on fire for 2017. With a 2.6 Million Instagram following demographic, Lime Crime’s Scandal is on it’s way straight to the top.


The product oozes sex appeal thanks to it’s liquid matte finish. One of the best ways to apply the lipstick is to apply a bit of lip balm, let it set for about 15 minutes, gently remove any excess oils with tissue/cloth, and then apply Scandal directly to your lips. That’s it! If you’re ready to take the bull by the horns, Scandal is the product of choice and will deliver each and every time.

Buy them on BeautyBay, or check out their other Lime Crime deals.  During the holidays Doe Deere created brand new Velve-Tins designed to allow you to try a variety of Velvetines at a lower price.  Some major Lime Crime partners like UrbanOutfitters still have some available.