Law Man Jeremy Goldstein

A service has been produced to help people in need of Lawyer’s. The service was built for people in the New York area. The service has been in existence for many years but now an online platform has been built for it to make the service easier and more convenient.

In years past the service only ran through a telephone line. The phone line is still available. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Now there is an online portal as well that is available 24 hours a day. The New York State Bar Association is in communication with to bring this about.

The system is incredibly simple and accessible to all it’s users. All that must be done is the participants must fill out an online form and questionnaire via the portal. The form details the legal help they may be in need of.

After this is done, the New York State Bar Association reviews the application and matches users with the appropriate law office or offices. All available lawyers are reviewed by the New York State Bar Association to ensure they are each in good standing.

The tool is mutually beneficial as it has driven ample business for New York attorneys and it is also a very helpful service for those in legal need.

There are no charges to the service unless users decide to go on with an attorney’s service. No one is under any obligation to use any service provided by a lawyer they are referred too.

Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of his own prestigious law firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein’s firm operates mostly with businesses. Jeremy Goldstein is very storied in corporate governance and big business acquisition. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in his law firm.

Jeremy Goldstein attended school for a pretty long time and acquired many degrees. He currently holds 3 degrees. Each of his degrees came from different schools.