Richard Mishaan Design Innnovates The New York Scene

Richard Mishaan Design: Combining the Old With the New



Richard Mishaan Design is one of the most sought after interior designers. Born and brought up in Columbia as well as Italy, he was exposed to a wide variety of designs and artworks, which proved to be useful later on in his life. Today, he lives and works in New York and has a busy schedule turning interiors of houses and rooms from boring to very interesting. His style is described as both classical as well as modern. In fact, he has a knack for combining both styles in the same area and makes both styles look compatible with each other. The effect is a room that looks classy and stylish at the same time.

One of Richard Mishaan Designs first assignments was to renovate the presidential suite of the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. The job requirements were deceptively simple; make the room look good yet make the design reflect the classiness associated with it. He succeeded in spades and never looked back. His career took off from there and Richard Mishaan design has gone on to renovate countless homes and hotels. He completed his education at the Columbia University’s School of Architecture. His other specialties include creating custom furniture and pieces for Bolier and Dering Hall.

Perhaps part of the reason why Richard Mishaan Design is successful is that he approaches each assignment as something that requires unique attention to detail. He does not follow the “one size fits all” philosophy, hence each work he has done is go is different from the previous one. It’s as if every assignment is like starting all over again. As Richard himself puts it, each assignment comes out of a specific situation, which sometimes can be used in other situations. He believes that layered and rich interiors are the most attractive of designs.

Betsy DeVos Looks For Community Involvement In Many Different Areas

In my lifetime, I have come across Betsy DeVos only in print and on the TV, but I have always been impressed with the way she has divided her time between creating greater levels of success for her own family and the many different communities she has come into contact with over the years. In my opinion Betsy DeVos should be applauded for the many different areas of work she has completed for the people of Michigan and across the U.S.; I initially came across Betsy DeVos when she was looking to bring school choice and school voucher programs to the Florida area where her  helped assist in the passage of one of he biggest education reform programs in history.

Millions of people have benefited from the success of Mrs. DeVos in crossing party lines with national and state legislative bodies, which is one of the reasons why I find it so difficult to understand the hysterical reaction of many towards her good works. Betsy DeVos has been an individual I have always looked at for guidance over how best to educate children from socially disadvantaged communities; the fact the majority within minority groups support Mrs. DeVos’ plans with school choice and voucher systems is often ignored in the rush to back an outdated union based education system that still helps create the system our children are educated within. Check this related article from

I consistently feel Mrs. DeVos has the best interests of the community at heart when she sets out on a new cause; Betsy DeVos has impressed me with her decision to use her own funds to support marketing campaigns to make sure the vast majority are made aware of school choice and voucher program deadlines. The political influence of Betsy DeVos is well known and includes the fact she and husband, Dick provided around $5 million to political causes in 2015, a figure I was shocked to discover was dwarfed by the more than $11 million given to charitable causes over the same year.

As major donors to the Republican party in Michigan and beyond the DeVos family have a large sphere of influence on a national level. Betsy DeVos has been shown to keep the majority of her giving in the Michigan area as she looks to aid the West Michigan Aviation Academy she founded with husband Dick, and assist young people through donations to education and faith based groups. I have never felt Betsy is one to work on a small scale and looked to international groups to provide scholarships to aid in providing a business based education for young people looking to take their skills back to developing nations to provide an economic boost to their local economy.

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Betsy Devos’ Active Involvement In The Education System’s Reform

Betsy Devos is a dedicated philanthropist on a mission to reform the education system and the integration of digital learning forums in schools and homes. She undertook her undergraduate studies at Calvin College and became actively involved in the school’s political activism. To date, Betsy has an experience of over 30 years in the field and has spearheaded a variety of campaigns, and political and party organizations such as the Michigan Republican Party. A unique quality of Betsy’s pursues is her establishments of non-profitable agencies such as the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation ( and the Windquest Group, which she founded in partnership with her husband, Dick Devos. Dick Devos was the Republican nominee for the governor post in Michigan in the 2006 elections and the former chairman of the Orlando Magic NBA team. Betsy uses her various parties to engage the community in kind acts and donates to various courses in the society. Apart from running her foundations, Betsy is on many organization’s boards, such as the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church and the Foundation for Excellence in the Education Union.

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Betsy earliest philanthropy began when she visited the Potters House Christian School many years ago. She explains that the curiosity, safety, and love among the kids and school staff inspired her to revisit the school regularly, to experience its magnificence in helping children. According to her explanation, Potters House Christian School supported a lot of parents with low incomes, seeking to give their kids the best from the education system. Betsy and her husband Devos then dedicated their resources towards supporting the school immensely so as to maximize the children’s learning experience. In 1990, Betsy set up a foundation that offered scholarships to students from low-income earning families but soon realized that more parents needed the services to send the kids to school. Betsy joined the American Education Reform Council and Children First America organizations and with the support of her husband resorted to campaigning the passing of Michigan’s school charter bill. The bill would ensure the expansion of the school’s education choices by allowing the use of tax credits and vouchers for scholarship applications. After the bill had failed to pass, Betsy began Great Lakes Education Program to support the inclusion of more charter schools in the Michigan region. The organization’s success inspired her to engage with the America Federation for Children to educate the society on the importance of a better educational system. The agency has rendered the most favorable results in Florida, where more than 50,000 students attend the school of their choice with tax credit scholarships. Betsy believes that all parents have a right to send the kids to schools outside of the home zip codes and support the realization of their God give purposes.

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Helane Morrison Making Significant Changes From a Financing Point of View

The world of finance is not just a clear cut one with black and white decisions and thick lines for people to stay away from. In short, finance is a world full of significant gray pictures where sometimes the moral and ethical thing to do isn’t always clear. When you consider the potential for such a realm, however, you can instantly see how important it is to have someone in control that will bring balance back to the financial law and protect people from those who would skirt the regulations in place. One such hero who has been training for this sort of role is Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison is exactly the type of person that you would want for a position that involves protecting people. Her background has not only continued to shine through when it comes to jobs in financial advising and regulation realm, but her history has shown that she is more than capable of monitoring said positions as well. Despite her specific knowledge, however, you also want to be sure that you have a person who is honest, ethical, and acts with integrity as well. Helane Morrison is all of those things and then some.

Even though the world of finance is changing, Helane Morrison continues to be a top option for a world of finance reform simply because of her passion to seek out the truth and to help others. Whether it is reforming rules, chasing out those who prey upon the innocent, or even just calling out the predatory practices that some businesses may face, Helane Morrison checks all of the boxes when it comes to enforcing the financial and ethical rules within the business world. Even though she can’t do it all on her own, when you consider the position that she is in, the people around her can use a leader like her.

Within the world of finance there are always potential problems on the horizon. The chaos is that the financial world is literally larger than life. With billions or even trillions of transactions happening all of the time (many of which are initiated and even fulfilled by computers), the chance to catch any sort of suspicious activity becomes more difficult with each passing day. That being said, if you have the right people in place who not only understand the market but who also understand the behaviors of potential criminals, you can stop problems before they start and stamp out illegal activity.

A Great Brazilian Lawyer

There are many lawyers in Brazil who care about the work that they are doing and making sure that their clients win their cases, but not all of the lawyers there feel that way. There are too many lawyers who do not put their all into the work that they are doing, and they make people feel skeptical that anyone will give them the kind of dedication that they are looking for in a lawyer. But there is at least one Brazilian lawyer who cares, and he is a man who every other lawyer in the country should be looking up to.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has proven himself to be a great lawyer time and time again as he has worked hard for all of his clients. He’s a man who wants to make a positive impact on the world, and he has been able to do much good for all of those that he has worked for because of that. When people see how dedicated he is to getting things done right they immediately find themselves attracted to him. He seems to care more about what he is doing than most other Brazilian lawyers, and that makes him a very attractive lawyer.
When someone in Brazil is in need of credit recovery, or any other kind of similar service, they will want to ask Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho to be the man to stand up and fight for them. He is a lawyer who cares greatly about the kind of work that he is doing for his clients, and he is the kind of lawyer who will not back down until the battle is won. He has worked very hard since starting out as a lawyer, and he is sure to keep working hard as he continues in his career.
There are very many lawyers in Brazil, but everyone should only be looking up to those who are best at the job. They should be considering only those who are trying their hardest to leave a good impact on the world, and then they will be sure to have a better chance at winning their case.

Keeping your Online Reputation Positive Before It’s Too Late

Online Reputation: What is it?

Your online reputation is exactly as it sounds. It is your reputation that you have in the Internet community. It’s not just your reputation in the real world that is affecting your life nowadays, but also your reputation online as well.

How do my actions online affect my life in the real world exactly?

It can in many ways. Contrary to popular belief, not everything you do online is anonymous, no matter how much you try to cover your tracks. Many companies that could be looking to hire you look at your Social Media accounts, as well as a few other things that you may not think that they can actually find. Just because you erase it, doesn’t mean it is really gone. You aren’t always in control of your own privacy online. There are companies that have ways of getting this “erased” information back to the surface if need be. This is why it is your job to protect your online reputation now before it is too late.

Digital Reputation Management

Just as businesses need to manage their online reputation, you do too. If you have your own business, you need to protect your reputation for when something bad does happen, like you or someone in your company leaves a negative comment or review on something, and your own company is being pursued by that same company. This can really affect your company’s reputation, changing how people view your company. This why you need to be very adamant when it comes to managing your online reputation.

Steps you can take to protect your Online Reputation

Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to protect your company’s reputation while still being online. The first step is to make a lot of content about your business online. You need to do this while you are in control of the things that is said about your company. You can then own a lot of the search results that show up when people search your company. Another step is to make sure you have answers to any questions that may be asked. You need to also focus on the management of your company. Make sure that it is being managed the way you want it, and the way your clients would be happy to work with. This can ensure that more positive comments about your company can surface. You need to also think about more than just your business. Get involved into charity events. Help those in need. This can also help your company get good reviews.

Learn by example: Darius Fisher and his Accomplishments

Darius Fisher, is the President of Status Labs.They have helped give their famous second chances to various politicians, public figures and even executives in 35 different countries and over 1,500 clients! He helped start the company four years ago, and has expanded their offices out of their base, Austin, Texas, to now even offices in Sao Paulo and New York. He now has over 30 employees in all three offices that help make this company very successful.

Darius Fisher and his company is something that you can contact if you need help with your online reputation. Their success has helped so many people, and they would be more than happy to help many others also.

Empowering Women With Cosmetic Surgery Options

Cosmetic surgery is undergoing a radical transformation in cultural acceptance and appreciation as a positive tool to help empower women. The process was once viewed and pure vanity, but Dr. Jennifer Walden has built a thriving practice helping the average woman feel better about her everyday appearance. The added confidence transfers into every part of their lives, increasing the quality of life for every patient.

Post Pregnancy Body Image Issues

Pregnancies, for the most part, last nine months. During that time there are many changes that occur to a woman’s body. The effects of carrying a baby can mean areas of the body retain fatty cells and all of the exercise in the world does little offer a solution. Dr. Jennifer Walden can use methods of tucks and liposuction that will smooth and contour the body to a more desired proportion.

Battling Aging

Every woman dreads the day they discover their first wrinkle. Facial creams and ointments can only do so much to help hide and reduce wrinkles. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers safe botox and skin smoothing technology that helps stop aging in its tracks. This helps keep the skin radiant and youthful for years. It may be impossible to stop time, but turning back the clock and reducing wrinkles can make a woman look years younger immediately.

Breast Augmentation

Long gone are the days of husbands and boyfriends pushing their partners into unwanted or needed breast enlargement for their personal pleasure. Dr. Jennifer Walden welcomes all women that want to enlarge, reduce or bring more balance to their breasts. Age and breastfeeding can take a toll on the breast tissue. Correct augmentation makes a woman feel normal again. Oversize breasts are a burden on the spinal column. The perfect reduction in size can alleviate backaches, stiff joints and offer better overall balance.

Increasing numbers of woman are making the choice to get cosmetic surgery for their own personal reasons. It has become a powerful tool in the arsenal of women to feel confident in their appearance. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers a unique perspective by being able to have true empathy for the patient’s wants and needs. There are less than 1,000 women cosmetic surgeons in the United States and Dr. Walden is considered one of the best. Her active role is helping change the outdated views of cosmetic surgery in general.