What’s in Your Pizza Box?

Supreme, thin crust, meat lovers, vegan or one with everything on it except the kitchen sink is standard pizza delivery fare. While you know what you have ordered is inside the box, there are a few surprises lurking in the box that you did not order.
How about a side of chemicals to go with your delivery pizza? Ever stop to think why your pizza toppings do not stick to the inside of the carry-out box? Dr. Daniel Amen, whose books are available on Amazon, warns that chemicals cause that magic to happen. Non-stick chemicals known as PFSAs are responsible for your pizza and the delivery box to remain separate, those chemicals can make you sick too.
Teflon has been around for decades, but not without controversy. DuPont, the makers of Teflon and the PFSAs non-stick chemicals are phasing out the old, controversial PFSA chemicals and replacing them with a new group of non-stick PFSA chemicals. The new are just as likely to cause health problems as the old, which include a few types of cancers, high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis and thyroid disease.
Pizza boxes are not the only thing that has been coated with non-stick chemicals: frying pans, rain coats, carpeting, water-proof mascara and microwave popcorn bags also contain the PFSA chemicals.