Betsy DeVos: Who Is She

She is the eleventh United States Secretary of Education, and she assumed office when Donald Trump came into power. She has been known to be a businesswoman, philanthropist, and politician.

What She Is Known For

She has had a strong advocacy for schools choice, voucher programs in schools, charter schools, and the reformed Christian community. These are her interest and are the reasons why she is the head of education in the country today.

She is of the DeVos family which has been a very strong force in the education sector countrywide and has been lauded as very charitable having given several million dollars to support education endeavors by underprivileged students.

Together with her husband Dick DeVos they have been hailed as the philanthropic family that helps the education sector grow; especially in their home state of Michigan. These have been the highlights of what her family has done for the American People.

The Bathroom Debacle

During the Obama administration, a law was passed that allowed transgender students to use any of the bathrooms in their schools that they were comfortable with. This was aimed at making these students feel welcome and accepted into society.

Well, this plan worked, and they were comfortable having their choices and orientations respected until Trump came in with his objections about the whole thing claiming that it was not very advisable to do so. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was on the side that proposed the bill should be rescinded.

This caused a rift that pitted the attorney general against Betsy DeVos who is known for taking strong stands on such issues that involve educations. She was strongly opposed to the decision that they made. Read more on CNN.

Finally, They Strong Armed Their Way

Yes, that is right. Betsy DeVos was forced to sign and agree with them that the bill should be rescinded that allowed all students to be cohesive and comfortable. This has sparked debates about the attitude that the Trump Administration has towards minorities and the LGBTI community in general.

The Bully in The Classroom

Mr. Sessions who has been very much against the expansion of the gay, lesbian and transgender rights has been pitted against many people who advocate for equality and justice to the whole of the world and American citizens who are discriminated against because of their orientations.

Betsy was one of them because her sector involves taking care of the students and the Attorney General has used his position to force her to agree with him. Mr. Trump himself wanted her to drop the opposition that she mounted to curb Mr. Sessions.


Betsy DeVos has shown great dedication to her sector, and she has been in the limelight for fighting for the comfort and acceptance that all students need to function properly. This indicates that she is a strong woman who knows where her interests lie.

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George Soros Looks To Democrats For Continued Fight Against Conservatives

The hedge fund expert George Soros has spent a large amount of time in the last few years looking to fight the onslaught of conservatism he fears will have a detrimental effect on the world as a whole. From Brexit to the Syrian refugee crisis sweeping Europe, to the election of Donald Trump, George Soros has been an outspoken critic of the rise in conservative policies and attitudes around the world, which feels is making it difficult for almost everybody to enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

George Soros recently attended a three day Democracy Alliance event in the days following the announcement of the election victory for Donald Trump; Soros had originally intended to bypass the event he and others felt would be a celebration of the election of Democrat Hillary Clinton to the Presidency. Soros arrived at the event to meet with fellow wealthy donors who had matched his $25 million in donations to the campaign of former Secretary of State Clinton after taking the support of George Soros as a sign of the need for an all out attack on Republican candidates.

Alongside the $25 million provided for Hillary Clinton and Super PAC’s supporting her Presidential bid the Hungarian born Holocaust survivor has also been quietly active fighting to bring about change in the U.S. criminal justice system through his support of Democrat candidates on Soros is reported to have established a “527” foundation that has been providing campaign support for Democratic candidates for prosecutor and district attorney positions across six states, including Florida and Illinois; candidates have stated they were unaware of the support of George Soros until radio and TV campaigns supporting their policies arrived during the campaigning season. The $3.5 million Soros and his various foundations have provided to support minority candidates for criminal justice positions on Forbes allowed a major push to dethrone many white male conservative candidates Soros and his advisors believe maintain the imbalance between how Caucasian and minority cases are tried in the U.S.

While many Democrat’s sat back and licked their wounds in the wake of the 2016 round of national elections, George Soros was already looking to the future and planning how best to bring a change about in the Democratic party. For Soros the need to continue fighting the policies discussed by Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign season stems from the dangers he has seen in the rhetoric and policies announced by a number of Republican candidates throughout the last two years; in one instance the founder of the Open Society Foundations stated his belief that the work of ISIS was being done by Donald Trump during his campaigning. In general, George Soros has once again become involved in the political situation in the U.S. as he has explained a number of threats can be seen threatening the security of the world that must be dealt with in a safe and mature manner.

Trump Victory Prompts Action From George Soros

Throughout the 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign it was often difficult to know who Republican candidate Donald Trump was fighting despite Hillary Clinton being named the nominee for the Democratic Party. The name George Soros often came up in the speeches of Donald Trump for the role he played in providing funding for the campaign of Clinton, but much of the rhetoric used by the eventual winner of the election worried Soros into adding more funds to those he had already given to Clinton and other Democratic candidates across the U.S.

George Soros through his political adviser, Michael Vachon, has already discussed the reasons why he felt so strongly about the need to defeat Trump and his associates during the Presidential election campaign; George Soros has been a major supporter of human rights around the world after establishing his own Open Society Foundations to battle Apartheid in South Africa during the 1980s. This dedication to political and social reform has remained a constant with Soros now seeing his group restricted in its operations across Russia because of the pro democracy stance the Open Society Foundations takes towards every country in the world.

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’

In recent months George Soros has provided a large amount of funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton to become the first female President of the United States. Records show George Soros donated around $25 million to the Clinton campaign in its various forms, including $9 million in donations to two Super PAC’s supporting Clinton and other Democratic candidates, the Priorities USA group and the American Bridge 21st Century Super PAC. 2016 has seen Soros return to activity in a range of areas, including his return to active trading with his own hedge fund and a greater level of interest in the European political situation. In fact, Soros refused an invitation to the Democratic National Convention to see Clinton receive the party’s nomination as he wished to monitor the situation in Europe regarding refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria.

The victory of Donald Trump has given George Soros reason to reflect on the role he plays in U.S. politics that will begin to be addressed at the three day meeting of donors for the Democracy Alliance in Washington D.C. The meeting was called before the election had taken place and has now taken on more significance than ever before as the group of Democrat donors will discuss their role in the future of the party. A late addition to the Democracy Alliance schedule, George Soros will provide his knowledge as political minds from the left leaning side of U.S. politics come together to form plans for the future of the party; the decision to attend the meeting shows George Soros is looking to oppose the plans for Trump’s first 100 days in office and his extended plans for his time in the White House.


George Soros is Back in the Game

George Soros has put up some major cash for the 2016 election. The Hungarian-born billionaire and philanthropist has given over $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates this campaign season.

As a long-time progressive advocate on a number of issues, such as immigration reform, voting rights, and religious tolerance, Mr. George Soros is motivated by his faith in Ms. Clinton’s ability to follow through on her campaign promises, and also by his distaste for Donald Trump, sources say.

Mr. Soros gained notoriety in 2004 when he contributed heavily towards efforts to prevent President George W. Bush’s re-election. During that campaign he spent $27 million in support of Democratic nominee John Kerry, earning a reputation as somewhat of a liberal archenemy among conservatives. Soros’s interest in ousting Bush came from his strong objections to the Iraq War. But Bush’s successful re-election, along with the attacks and criticisms leveled at Mr. Soros from the right, left him feeling disillusioned, and he scaled back his political spending thereafter.

Following the 2004 election Mr. Soros shifted his philanthropic focus to other areas. His international foundations on have donated over $13 million to causes around the world, including programs for human rights, health care, and education.

In the 2008 presidential campaign Mr. Soros supported Barack Obama over Ms. Clinton, a decision he later came to regret. He believed President Obama failed to sufficiently pursue many important progressive ideals.

But Mr. Soros’s return to the arena of big-money politics has had a huge impact on Ms. Clinton’s campaign. He leads a list of many other left-leaning donors who have also contributed heavily in financing the Democratic candidate, including San Francisco environmentalist Tom Steyer and New York hedge-fund manager Don Sussman, both of whom have given several million dollars. As a result, the Clinton campaign has been awash in cash, allowing her to vastly outspend her opponent, Mr. Trump.

Charles Koch Now Turns his Attention to Hilary Clinton.

Charles Koch has now admitted that Hilary Clinton could be their favorite candidate than a Republican for president. Charles and his brother David Koch are part of an extensive political network referred to as Koch Network that has been consistently criticized for large contributions made to conservative political groups in the United States. Charles Koch even continued to tell ABC news that Bill Clinton was a better president than George W. Bush. When asked if they would prefer Hilary Clinton and not a Republican candidate, Koch expressed his facts clear that the option is very possible.

Koch brothers currently regarded as the most influential conservatives’ political donors in the United States said they won’t spend their $400 million to block Donald Trump’s nomination as the Republican Candidate. This move translates to another setback for the billionaires to block the nomination of Trump. According to James Davis, the spokesman for Freedom Partners, Koch network will not be involved in the Republican primaries and he did not elaborate what the plans were for the November elections.

The latest move is countering the stand they took at the beginning of the year to oppose Trump to win the Republican presidential nomination. Koch brothers through their political network, Koch Network, are usually very hesitant to be involved in the primary. In the eve of the Iowa causes, Koch Network held a private meeting to discuss how they could use Trumps weaknesses to prevent him clinch the nomination.

Charles Koch is one of the Koch brothers and CEO of Koch Industries. He owns 42 percent of Koch Industries, a company he and his brother inherited from their father Fred C. Koch. It is not the first time Koch and his Brother David (Commonly known as Koch brothers) has been involved in political matters. Koch brothers through their network called Koch network, and other allies contributed about $400 million towards the campaign to defeat the current President Barrack Obama.

Charles Koch has, however, supported many policies such as free market-oriented educational organizations such as Mercatus Center at George Mason University and Institute for Humane Studies. He has donated to various political groups in both Republican and Democratic parties and candidates. Charles is dedicated to contributing to charity and cultural institutions. For instance, Koch Cultural Trust was founded by his wife, Elizabeth. Koch brothers have been involved in funding the creative artists and artistic projects in America.