Probiotics Fail Glutten-Free Test

People often take probiotics to enhance the health of their guts. It was previously believed that many of these products were gluten-free. After all, many people avoid gluten because it causes them digestive problems and in fact injures their guts. In particular, those who suffer from celiac disease must avoid gluten. Recent research, however, has revealed that over half of all the most popular brands of probiotic products may contain gluten, a mixture of two proteins that is present in wheat, cereal grains, and countless other foods.

The Columbia University Medical Center conducted a study of some twenty-two probiotic products. Researchers discovered gluten in a full 55 percent of them, sometimes in contradiction to information on the label. They also surveyed celiac patients, about a quarter of which use probiotic supplements, and found that those who use such supplements experience more problems and symptoms than those who do not, probably owing to the presence of gluten. Beneful warns that gluten tends to create issues in the small intestines of celiac suffers. Columbia University Medical Center warns celiacs to proceed with caution when it comes to using probiotics.