Karl Heideck: Litigator Extraordinaire

Alumni of Swarthmore College Karl Heideck
How to Become at Litigator

When it comes to the world of litigation, Karl Heideck is an extremely well-known name. With a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Swarthmore College, this Pennsylvania native currently is employed as a Contract Attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer. Karl deals with a variety of cases ranging from cases of suspected fraud to risk management.

Karl Heideck is currently known to be one of the best litigators in the company. A litigator is a term used for a person who presides over the happenings between two parties on opposite ends, and the disputes that go along with them. More often than not, this interaction ends up as a settlement behind closed doors rather. Very rarely does the dispute end up being tried in a court of law.

A Litigator aims to give justice to the client that he is employed to serve. Karl Heideck, in particular, has extensive knowledge on how to handle lawsuits that take place against large corporations. Commonly, the term litigation is used to denote a lawsuit, but in legal terms, it isn’t just the end result of the case but the entire process leading up to one winning a case. Karl is an expert is tackling these situations and offers his clients the best possible litigator service to help them fight their legal battles.

Karl Heideck has been in the business of litigation for an extremely long period of time. His prior work experiences have helped him grow and shape up to be the lawyer that he is today. His first professional encounter took place at Conrad O’Brien where he worked as a freshly graduated associate. It was there that he began to learn the art of corporate negotiation and was the lead negotiator in several cases of the firm. This work experience helped him develop his skills as a corporate attorney and helped him on his various cases dealing with white collar criminal defenses and SEC receivership.

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Before his endeavor into Grant & Eisenhofer, Heideck served as a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton. It was here that Karl’s interest in litigation began to grow. During his time there, he made it a point to learn as much as possible by being involved in several cases and ongoing investigations of government institutions dealing with cases of private customers. He was also responsible for maintaining the quality standards that the company sets for itself, its employees and its clients.

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