The Rocketship Education is Revolutionizing Education in Public Charter Schools

The Rocketship Education, a public charter school based out of California is one of the educational institutions with the determination of revolutionizing the way teaching is done in schools. Rocketship Education is a network of public elementary charter schools that serve the low-income students in various neighborhoods where access to education is limited. The institution was founded on the belief that every child can succeed in education regardless of their background provided they have access to the proper resources.

Rocketship Education does not only provide a great environment for students to learn, but also make a great environment for educators. There is no doubt that teachers and leaders play a significant role in ensuring the excellence of their learning institutions. The Rocketship education does not only focus on educating the students, but also empowering teachers, engaging with the parents and also inspiring communities. The school’s philosophy is grounded on three main pillars:

  • Transformational schools are as a result of excellent teachers and leaders.
  • Every child has a unique set of need.
  • Engaging parents in their children’s education helps in eliminating the achievement gap.

Rocketship Education schools provide professional development to ensure that the students are in the hands of the right educators. It also offers dedicated coaching and leadership programs to enable these teachers to grow personally and professionally regardless of their level of experience. Rocketship education schools have been able to achieve results owing to their ability to handle each of the students differently. It is true that students have different learning abilities; hence, they should be treated differently. The traditional school system has ignored this important fact, which is one reason why students have been failing continuously.

Students at Rocketship Education get personalized instructions that are tailored to meet their unique learning styles. They have a blended learning model that combines the traditional instructions, technology, and tutoring that allows every student to learn at their own pace. The model works well for all students including those that are catching up or racing ahead. Rocketship Education centers also work with the parents to help eliminate the achievement gap. The education centers empower the parents to become powerful advocates for children’s education and the communities where they stay.