There Is No life Without Clean Water

A healthy man can survive 21 days and even longer without food but he can only survive 3 days without water. The main reason for this is that approximately 60% of man’s body is composed of water. In addition, water is important because it is critical for the processes that make life possible. It is the ideal method for transporting nutrients and other substances in and out of the body’s living cells. Another reason is that water is a universal solvent. This may sound strange to many people but the fact is almost every substance dissolves in water.

How much water does a person need every day to maintain their health and what kind of water is best? According to reliable sources, the amount of water you should drink varies slightly for men and women; for women, the amount is about 9 cups a day and for men, it is about 13 cups a day. But the other question of what kind of water is best may surprise you. Companies that sell filtered bottle water literally spend billions of dollars a year in advertising trying to convince the public that their bottled water is the best because it filtered, or that the water source is underground and filtered through layers of natural rock or some other method. The whole point of this filtered water versus unfiltered tap water fight is that the companies that sell filtered water want you to believe that filtered bottled water is safer for you than tap water. Apparently, this works because the sales of bottled water each year are over $12 billion dollars a year. This is an extremely large amount of money for one of most abundant compounds on the Earth, don’t you think?

Here’s some information these companies don’t want you to know, tap water and bottled water are actually comparable in terms of safety. This is a quote from Katherine Zeratsky, a licensed dietitian with the Mayo Clinic. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees bottled water, and the Environmental Protection Agency, which regulates tap water, use similar standards to ensure the water’s safety. What does all this mean? All it means is that whether you like filtered bottle water or plain tap water which one you choose to drink is generally just a matter of taste and not safety.

There is a caveat to this article. Tap water is safe as long as the Government officials entrusted with its safety do their job. The Flint Michigan fiasco is an example of where government officials engaged in actual criminal behavior and allowed the in polluting of the public’s drinking water.

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