The Importance of Radiology and it’s Applications

Radiology is a multifaceted medical technology that accurately diagnosis and tracks disease, fractures, breaks, tumors, and many other internal issues. The means of extracting these highly detailed images in through a process commonly called Radiography. This process works by sending a concentrated ‘beam’ of x-rays through the patient and the result is then examined by a Radiographer.

The x-ray particles that are absorbed by the patient will not be shown on the image and will be represented by dark areas. The rays that make it through are then formed to the structure of the area. This will give a full image of the internal nature of a patient’s body at any given moment.

Radiology is such a powerful imaging technology that it is also the basis of other practices like Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imagine, and even Ultrasounds. Ultrasounds, being one of the most commonly used practices of Radiology, uses high frequency waves to reveal the soft tissue within an area. This method is often used in brain scans in order to properly diagnose the damage or problems located within the deepest parts of the skull.

Similarly, Radiology has been used in a practice called Mammography which helps diagnose breast cancer with great accuracy. The slow frequency waves give an accurate image of the internal tissue within the breast of the patient. This allows professionals to examine the tissue and see if any abnormalities have started to grow inside of the breast. This can help diagnose early stage breast cancer, tumors, cancer, and even cysts that need to be removed.

Radiology With Imaging Advantage

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