Got $2? Then You Could Rent This Welsh Sheep Farm for a Year

Just off the summit of the Great Orme in Llandudno on the north Wales coast lies Parc Farm, a 145 acre ranch complete with a farmhouse and grazing rights for an additional 700 acres. It’s an idyllic paradise in atop the cliffs Northern Whales, and this farm could be yours for a year, complete with sheep. The only catch? You must agree to comply with some stringent environmental regulations.

The Wales National Trust bought this farm one year ago and has been actively looking for the right conservation-minded sheep rancher to manage it ever since. The stakes are high: this land is home to an endangered plant species and two butterflies that haven’t been seen anywhere else in the world: the Grayling thyone and the silver-studded blue.

Currently these species are at risk and their habit needs to be intentionally managed in order for them to continue to survive. Put simply, the ranch land needs to be intensively grazed in some of the least productive places and left alone in the most productive, and it will take a seasoned rancher to make these judgement calls.

There’s little risk of the rancher getting lonely as Parc Farm is a popular tourist destination, getting over half a million visitors per year.

If you think you might be the right applicant for the job, you can read more about this ranching opportunity at the UK National Trust website.