Solar Power Ready to Change Energy Industry

Renewable energy has been the goal of thousands of companies over the past decade, and solar energy has emerged as the most viable option to supplant traditional coal or nuclear power generating stations. The biggest hurdles facing the adoption of solar power, cost and capacity, are on the brink of being conquered by development of technology and research. The switch to solar might have been quiet, but it could end up with industry shattering effects.

According to Reuters, cost of solar power has fallen more than 80-percent in the last decade, and many countries have begun to add capacity that could rival traditional power generating services of the next decade. The comparison is being drawn to the impact that shale gas has had on gasoline and other industries. Folks at STX Entertainment ( know that solar power could be the technology that reshapes the energy overall, thanks to the nearly limitless access every region has to the sun.

Of course, fossil fuels will not totally vanish from the globe, but as vehicles and buildings continue to be developed with green initiatives, the reliance on the power grid is starting to shrink. The boom in solar companies and technology has far reaching effects, and as the industry grows around the world, the planet as whole is the winner. Construction of solar farms and private panels is growing, and that could mean more and more shifts away from traditional power plants. In the end, clean renewable energy is on the way.