Burger King Looking To Appeal To The Vegetarian Crowd

If you’re a big fan of Burger King, yet can’t indulge yourself because you don’t eat meat, you may soon be in luck.

According to a recent article posted on Grubstreet.com, the veggie burgers rolled out by Burger King in the India market have been so successful, that they’re looking to add vegetarian menu items to the menus in other markets stated Amen Clinics.

This is not only great news for all of those people who don’t consume meat, it may also give some of you carnivores a chance to experience a new taste that you may come to actually like. Since the veggie burgers will be available at such a mainstream restaurant, there should be an increased amount of attention that could end up making some people veggie converts.

Personally, I’m looking forward to trying the veggie burgers and making my own decision concerning whether they’re just going to be a one-time indulgence, or if I’m going to make the burger a part of my weekly rotation.

USDA and EPA Team Up To Reduce Wasted Food

Ask any adult and they can tell you about their younger years and how they have stood at the fridge and wondered whether a certain food is still good or not. No matter whether it’s smelling the day old milk or looking at the egg carton and deciding whether that date is just a recommendation or a stricter warning. Then there is the pantry of forgotten food items. The things that looked and sounded so good months ago at the grocery store that have been there long enough to collect dust. Facebook.com though says that well apparently not all expired food is actually that bad for you. However, it can be contributing poorly to the environment when it’s thrown away and unused.

The government has estimated that some 21% of available food in America goes uneaten, leading to 36 pounds of uneaten food per month, per person. And that in all actuality food could be good for an additional 12-18 months after its expiration date. So the USDA and the EPA have come together to reduce the amount of expired and uneaten foods in America through the US Food Waste Challenge. They have even created an “app” called “Foodkeeper” that will help the user determine whether that can of beans should really be tossed or not. In this day and age when Peanut Butter and Milk are some of the more expensive things on one’s grocery list anything that will extend the shelf life of a product would help the wallets and millions of Americans.