University of Utah study links population boom to the invention of agriculture

A recent study conducted by anthropologists at the University of Utah has come to discover a link between ancient population boom and the first development of North American agriculture 5000 years ago. Should the findings of the study hold water, then it may be implied that the earliest human ancestors on the eastern North American continent might have been compelled to cultivate plants for the very first time on the because of an overabundance of people in relation to available resources.

A map chartered by the Utah anthropologists indicates that various kinds of wild foods became scarce after an upsurge in the population, prompting the very first organized domestication of produce such as sunflower and squash. The areas in which plants were systematically domesticated for sustenance were indicated with radiocarbon-dating artifacts used to spotlight human settlement, and these areas largely composed a sizable portion of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast.

To date, anthropologists have managed to identify several events of prominent plant domestication in the formative years of human history, the earliest of which being traced back to 11,500 years ago in the Middle East. The North American plant domestication event would be the 9th of these 11 periods of agricultural innovation. Researchers have drawn a relationship between the societal changes caused by food domestication and the first traces of “statehood” with formalized communities.

Though accurate estimations of ancient population quantities remain relatively challenging to deduce with accuracy, radiocarbon dated charcoal, animal bones, and various other elements gave the University of Utah anthropologists just enough to connect the dots across several century-long segments.

Could an Herb Garden in Your Home Lead to Better Health?

People like to see green spaces where they live and work, and generally speaking, this is not necessarily for health reasons. Rather, it simply looks more appealing to glance out your window and see trees and plants than it does to see concrete blocks and sidewalks only.

But a new body of research has been tying greenery and spaces that include a lot of flowers and trees to better physical and mental health overall. Could this be more than a pleasing aesthetic?

It is possible that these correlations are not offering necessary evidence that having plants in your home is better for you, but some evidence does point in this direction. For example, plants do you take in the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out, and they also release oxygen that we need to bring in. In addition, several studies have shown that nearby plants can help absorb pollutants in the air, such as formaldehyde.

There are certainly a few downsides to having specific plants nearby, however. For example, many people have negative and allergic responses to certain plants. For example, number of individuals are allergic to pine.

If, however, you’re not allergic to any specific types of plants, consider adding more greenery into your home environment. You can do this in a number of ways, but one of the most useful and pleasing ways is to start an herb garden in your kitchen window. You might also consider simply putting more planted flowers around your house or plants, such as ferns.

James Dondero is a major leader in the world of finance

As the world of finance continues to recover from the turmoil of the past eight years, one of the most important components is investment banking. Investment banking at one time was the backbone of the economy. Allowing small firms to receive the funds they need in order to continue operating. There are several experts in the field of investment banking, but one of the brightest stars in this field is James Dondero.
James Dondero is the founder of Highland Capital Management. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and his leadership has been fundamental to the success of the company. James has thirty plus years of experience in the finance industry, especially when it comes to the credit market.
When James started Highland Capital Management, his experience in the industries of credit and distressed investing were essential to the future of the company. He worked tirelessly with his staff in order to make Highland capital a pioneer in this industry. One particular area in which Highland Capital has been an extremely innovative is the Collatorized Loan Obligation. This new and innovative financial tool has been critical to the success of Highland Capital Management. This company has helped to create the CLO market, and over the last few years, the company has become a leader in this particular market.
James Dondero’s leadership has allowed the company to create a wide range of award winning financial products. These products are located in a wide range of different areas. For example, Highland Capital Management currently heads up several high quality hedge funds, as well as high quality CLOs, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs. If there is a financial product available, then Highland Capital has developed several high quality products relating to it.
James Dondero’s leadership is highly valued throughout the business community. The value that his leadership provides, has allowed him to sit on several extremely important boards. The list of the boards that he sits on include Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, MGM studios, as well as several other important boards. James has performed quite well on these boards, allowing the companies to be extremely successful.
Dondero has given a considerable amount of effort to his philanthropic enterprises. He believes that it is extremely important to make sure that people give back to the community. His favorite organizations to work with include those that are committed to education and veteran’s affairs.
The world of finance is extremely important to the future of the United States Economy. There are many important players in the world of finance today, but one of the most important players is Highland Capital Management, and their founder James Dondero. The world eagerly awaits James Dondero’s next move because this move will make a major difference on the economy.

Enjoy WiFi Access With FreedomPop

Staying in touch with others is very important in today’s contemporary society. People want to be able to work closely with others even when they are traveling or doing other things. They also want to stay in touch with others even when they are vacationing in order to be able to meet up with a friend who is also in the same city or to make sure they know exactly where their spouses and children are at any given moment in time. Wifi access can also help people do important tasks such as look up nearby restaurants that may be ideal for their dining needs or find out if a certain museum is open later at night.

Access to the internet at all times can be done via a phone connection and access to wifi. Wifi allows people access to the net even when they are not at home. Many people find that access to the internet is also important in the event of an emergency such as car breaking down or a fire in their house. Certain companies have rushed in to help provide their clients with such access in order to help them stay in touch and always have internet access no matter where they are at any given moment.

As featured in TechCrunch, FreedomPop is a highly successful company that provides their customers with access to all kinds of important mobile services. The company allows users to be able to pick from a menu of services that are designed to help them meet their specific needs and get access to the kind of services that are ideal for their specific wants. Some people may only need access to minor mobile phone services each month as they do very little traveling and do not use their phones very often. In that case, it can be ideal for them to have a simple plan each month from FreedomPop that allows them to access wifi services without the need to pay any fees at all.

Others are more heavy users of mobile wifi services. They may need to have access to wifi services all across the country during the course of any given week. In that case, they will also find that FreedomPop can be ideal for their needs. The company offers their users easy access to thousands of wifi hotspots for a small five dollar monthly fee.

Dr. Daniel Amen Researches How Meditation Aids Relaxation

One of the most important and respected psychiatrists in the world, Dr. Daniel Amen, has turned his attention to attempting to prove that meditation and breathing techniques can play a role in the health and maintenance of the mind and body. The physician has spent his recent career looking into the effect of meditation on the mind when it is completed on a daily basis for a period of 12 minutes. The main effects have been monitored and researched to show that meditation can have a positive effect on both the body and mind, particularly on the ability to focus the mind on important details.

Dr. Amen has also used the interview, which was first reported by Yahoo, to explain how specific breathing techniques have ability to lower the stress levels of individuals. The physician details how to use the breathing techniques he has developed and observed can actually lower stress levels in just a few minutes and live a life filled with less tension.

Dr. Amen has developed a strong following through the large number of books he has published and have become New York Times bestsellers. The founder of the famous Amen Clinics, the doctor is one of the best known faces in psychiatry and has become well known for his media appearances. One of the areas that Dr. Amen has had a large impact on is the understanding of how sports injuries affect the brain and can see the development of mental health issues.

FDA Issues Warning on Medical Device After a Superbug Outbreak

What if you went into a medical facility for a fairly routine procedure and didn’t come out for days because you were infected with a superbug virus during the procedure? The possibility is very real as is the possibility that you might not come out at all.
For seven patients undergoing tests and procedures recently at world-famous UCLA, the above scenarios was a reality. Two patients died because of the infection.
These patients at UCLA, along with countless other worldwide, undergo a variety of procedures done with a medical tool called duodenoscopes each day. The duodenoscope is a valuable tool which allows doctors to get a glimpse down the throat and all the way into the stomach of a patient. While the use of a duodenoscopes is invasive, it’s not nearly as invasive as surgery, so it’s a widely used and successful medical tool.
Marc Sparks has read that the duodenoscope also harbors bacteria that is passed from patient to patient, resulting in a deadly superbug outbreak.
The duodenoscope consists of flexible tubing so that it can be threaded down the throat and maneuvered where needed once inside the human body. Because of the flexible design, it’s also hard to clean.
The FDA has issued a warning regarding the potential for passage of resistant strains of deadly bacteria between patients if the medical device is not properly cleaned. The FDA is also working with both sides to see what other precautions or changes can be made to the device to make it safer for usage.

Autism Speaks Supports Vaccines

Nationally, the current outbreak of the measles virus has spread to 14 states and infected 104 people. Researchers have pinpointed the start of this current outbreak started at what was intended to be a magical place also known as Disneyland. Since then, numerous of people have argued for and against vaccinating children against the deadly virus. Most of the fears revolve around the recent increase in autism. While others point out that the research making these claims has been proven false and its author shunned by the medical community. Some on the right have wanted to advocate for parental choice while others point out that these vaccines save lives.

Now the leadership of the autism advocacy group known as Autism Speaks is now chiming in on the argument. But not in a way that some would expect. They are actually favoring the actual scientific research that says there is no link in vaccines causing autism and are advocating strongly that all kids should get vaccinations. Currently 33 states mandate all children receive vaccines prior to entering school without a personal belief exception. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG knows that Mississippi usually comes in last in most national categories, actually leads the country by having the highest percentage of vaccinated children at 99.7%. Colorado has the lowest percentage at 81.7%. Researchers believed they had almost eradicated the measles virus through the MMR vaccine in 2000. But the debunked research led to many parents not getting their kids shots and allowing the virus to reemerge.

Materials Science Takes Another Step Forward with a New Steel

Steel is the material that has given our modern society its tall skylines for just over a century now. The progress of the growth of civilizations has frequently been equated with progress in our ability to manipulate and utilize various materials. This explains why historians have classified entire periods of history with terms such as “the bronze age” or “the iron age.” Lighter and stronger materials enable us to make buildings taller, which enables crowded cities to fully use available real estate. Such materials also enable the construction of lighter planes and other vehicles, which saves on fuel costs.

As Lee Slaughter has become aware, Scientists in South Korea have recently made a breakthrough in creating a steel as strong as titanium and at a fraction of the cost. As discussed in a recent article in Popular Mechanics, materials scientists have long known that combining steel and aluminum allowed the creation of a lighter steel. This steel, unfortunately, was also brittle in that instead of bending under too much stress it would break. They devised a method of forming this steel that has solved this problem, and they believe that other scientists utilizing their methods will be able to create a myriad of newer, strong yet light and relatively flexible materials. It remains to be seen if this breakthrough will be big enough to mark a new age in materials history. It does represent an inexorable march forward in materials science that should result in more economical construction of tall structures and lighter and more fuel efficient transportation.

Are Water Drinks with Vitamins Better Than Plain Water?

Americans are well aware of the obesity epidemic. As a result, they are changing their diets, exercising more, and taking vitamins. It’s something I’ve been talking about extensively with Lee G. Lovett.

Healthy food and drinks are being advertised and offered by many companies. In fact, vitamins and minerals are being added to many drinks: water, juice and sports drinks. Even though the levels of vitamins may be small, nutritionist worry the vitamins could be harmful.

In today’s world, many different foods are beginning to be fortified with vitamins. In addition to drinks, vitamins A and D are often added to food such as bread and milk. There is concern that people are exceeding their daily requirements.

Vitamin water is made with synthetic vitamins. Some experts don’t think there is much benefit from synthetic vitamins. They recommend getting vitamins naturally from the food that is known to produce a particular vitamin.

Additionally, vitamin water also costs more. It can cost as much as $3.50 per bottle. Many health experts maintain that water is still the best liquid for hydration and overall health. You can always add flavor if plain water is too dull.

Mineral water may taste good, but its nutritional value is not that much more than what plain water provides. Rather than waste money on vitamin water, drink tap water for free and you can save on your grocery bill.

Profiles in Biotechnology: Dr. Mark Ahn

Dr Mark Ahn is currently an adjunct professor at two universities as well as holding a wide variety positions at many varied biosciences companies. He is on staff at both Portland State University as well as Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Ahn also works as a consultant about strategic initiatives for the biotechnology industry and serves on the board of directors and as a high ranking officer for several such companies.

In the past as well as today, Dr. Ahn has worked closely with biopharmaceutical leaders to help develop new methods of looking at the world and new ways of utilizing pharmaceuticals effectively in order to provide better services for patients and better medicines for all those who seek health care. His prior clients include both Amgen, Genentech and Galena Biopharma. Dr. Ahn has published extensively in his field. All of his writing places a focus on issues in life sciences as well as innovation and technology management. He has also focused his view on the issues surrounding leadership.

His latest work includes an examination of competence based benchmarking in regards to biopharmaceutical product launches as well as ethical ways of approaching and working with the AIDS pandemic in developing nations. Dr. Ahn has also worked on looking closely at the high performance bioeconomy in the country of New Zealand as well as the biotech industry in Malaysia and multi-national pharmaceutical production in China. His international interests are far-ranging and encompass many fields as well as many areas of the world. This has helped him gain a unique and highly useful understanding of many emerging industries across the entire globe which allows him to consult business start ups.

Dr. Ahn’s primary focus has been the biotech industry where his expertise has been highly valued. He has spent over a decade in this field, working to help companies around the world develop new products, explore new markets and gain a better understanding of the needs of their customers. His educational background includes a University of Essex graduate fellowship where his focus was on economics. He did his doctoral work and earned a ph.d in philosophy at the prestigious University of South Australia.

At present, Dr. Ahn works with a wide variety of companies that value his expertise. Dr. Ahn also works as a vice president for hematology at Genentech and vice chairman of Essia Health. He also serves in an advisory capacity at Immunosoft.