I love chicken; I love chickens. My little 20′ x 20′ chicken yard and two chicken houses host approximately 17 adult chickens, 15 young pullets and cockerels, and seven very young chicks that are about eight weeks old. I will arm myself with my .410 shotgun and personally take out any predator that threatens my babies, whether it be opossum, raccoon, coyote, hawk (if state law gives me a legislative wink), and even a neighbor’s dog. With that said, I will say that NOTHING eats my chickens and gets away with it if I catch them, and that includes ME.

Enter the hypocrite: I LOVE ready-made rotisserie chickens….the kinds that can often be found near the cash registers near the front of most grocery and large retail giants like Walmart.

As Power of Attorney and caregiver of my elderly mother, one rotisserie chicken, which I can purchase at some locations for a mere $4.99 — but at most locations for no more than $5.99 — will provide the entree for at least three meals for the two of us. Here are some ideas:

  • Chicken with two sides, such as potato and salad;
  • Chicken and Dumplings
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Tetrazini
  • Curried Chicken on Rice

Digg online’s recent article in the “Priceonomics” section compares the pros and cons of ready made rotisserie chickens with that of fresh raw chickens. I thoroughly read all the information and absorbed their conclusion that the rotisserie chickens truly are NOT the better bargain than the fresh chickens. Nevertheless, my loyalty to the convenient, ready made rotisserie chickens has not been swayed. Although I could stretch a fresh uncooked chicken into all the above recipes, I cannot quite master the specific flavor that comes with the rotisserie chicken.

I am so enamored with these convenient $5.00 recipe “starter birds” that I have included a website that also offers a plethora of recipes that can be concocted should you choose to invest in this magnificent bargain. Check out these great ideas at

You WILL want to thank me, but better yet, just let me know what time dinner is served. I’ll bring the wine.