Center Yourself at The Kaballah Centre

Although Kabbalah was once reserved for married men over 40 it has recently gained interest by several celebrities including Madonna, Paris Hilton and other people not typically thought able to learn the ancient beliefs. The Kabbalah Centre’s main focus teaching people how to create joy and lasting fulfillment in their lives. Anyone can join and learn the teachings of Kabbalah regardless of faith or religion, and that may be one of the reasons so many celebrities look to Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre. Many celebrities visit Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and claim that it helps them deal with their sometimes chaotic life and even reduce that chaos by a staggering 80%. Each person who visits the Kabbalah Centre does so for their own reasons, maybe they want to increase their spiritual side, make the world a better place, create a closer family or just learn about ancient teachings and texts. Whatever the reasons may be, one thing is clear, the Kabbalah Centre will continue to grow and provide a great outlet for anyone seeking to improve their lives or the lives of everyone they come in contact with.

The Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles teaches the five core principles that include, sharing, awareness and balance of ego, existence of spiritual laws, we are all one and leaving your comfort zone. Through these teachings they are able to help people create balance in their lives, live a more fulfilling life and help make
permanent positive changes.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles uses several methods to tech their students including, courses and classes, special events, volunteering, mentorship, publishing some of the most challenging Kabbalistic texts and preserving rare manuscripts and texts through their museum. These methods are time tested since the inception of the Centre dating back to 1922.

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The Amazing Story Behind the Launch of the Kabbalah Center

For thousands of years, Kabbalah has successfully remained focused on its mission of obtaining the hidden knowledge of God, such as God’s creations for the visible and invisible universe. Until now, Kabbalah is explained concealed knowledge or Jewish mysticism. Kabbalah has been presented as ancient wisdom passed down via oral traditional to handpicked individuals starting from Adam to Abraham, and eventually to Moses. Centuries ago, this knowledge was reserved for a select group of married men aged 40 years and above. Precisely, the Jews’ general preference was responsible for limiting the spread of Kabbalah teachings.

Factors that hindered the spread of Kabbalah

Jewish men in their early 20s and late30s could choose to study directly qualified Kabbalist. However, personal studies were met with strict restrictions. Accessing written materials such as books and manuscripts proved to a difficult task since they were scarce and expensive. Women, children, and uneducated men were never considered for any formal training irrespective of if the training sessions were taking place next to their homes. The main reason behind the restrictions of Kabbalah dissemination is that it exposed Godly matters that were a bit concealed in Torah. This ancient knowledge focused on the inner characters of God rather than outer perceptions.

The rise of Kabbalah

In the early 13 century, more people started to study Kabbalah and its aspects were introduced into traditional Jewish rituals and beliefs. Between 1500 and 1800, the wisdom became popular among Jewish communities based in the Middle East and Europe. Jerusalem became a promising center for studying Kabbalah in the 1900s and attracted men from all over the world, including Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the brains behind The Kabbalah Center. He was born back in 1885 in Warsaw and brought up by a Chasidic family. He had an opportunity to study the traditional Jewish education. He started learning Kabbalah at a tender age, and the works of Rav Isaac Luria impressed him a lot. Rav Ashlag recruited several students but increasingly focused on sharpening the skills of one of his most talented and committed students, Rav Brandwein. After the demise of Rav Ashlag, Brandwein took up the responsibility of disseminating the Kabbalah wisdom. With the help of his wife (Karen), Brandwein introduced Kabbalah in the U.S. by instituting a Kabbalah Center.