Innovative Visual Search Companies are Launching Technologies that are Transforming E-commerce

Visual search companies utilize technology to assist shoppers in acquiring products they need at the comfort of their home. With the stiff completion in the provision of visual search and recognition services, established firms are going a step further to come up with top-notch applications.

Incredible online shopping experience

Fashion retailers that target youths and other people who purchase products online can afford a sigh of relief with the increased number of companies such as Slyce and Stylumia Intelligence PVT Ltd that offers shopping solutions. Companies located in India like Ilenze and Snapshopr are outsourcing funds to invest in the development of visual search applications.

High demand rate

Most retailers are aiming at increasing their sales and realizing immense profits. Therefore, most of them are collaborating with visual search providers. For example, Visenze (Singapore-based) is a service provider associated with Flipkart. The firm is planning to expand its operation in India due to the high demand.


Styluma is a visual start-up that was started by Genesh Subramanian and Ram Prakash. It specializes in fashion, and it has a plan of using the same technology to assist consumers as well as businesses to make evidence-based and data-driven decisions. Styluma intends to use the new technology to make excellent recommendations for products that consumers need. In addition, the technology will suggest fashion products that shoppers and retailers should purchase by referring to the existing consumer-buying data. The original article was reported on Live Mint

Background information on Slyce Inc. Company

Slyce Inc. provides visual search and recognition services to its broad client base. The firm launched its visual recognition technology in February 2013. The visual technology has an ability to identify a product by scanning its image and allowing the client to purchase the product at the comfort of his or her smartphone. The company offers its technology via a mobile application and collaborates with top six shops in the United States. The firm is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

The company’s Universal Scanner integrates excellent features used by competitors in the industry to establish a brand that offers a wide range of product solutions. Cameron Chell founded Slyce together with his long-term business partner Erika Racicot. Cameron has developed several companies and focuses on revolutionizing how technology is used. Slyce has developed several applications to create a mind-blowing shopping experience for its clients. Snap-to-Buy is an application that is incorporated into retailer’s website to aid in product identification. Visual Relevancy Engine delivers similar products available in a shop by comparing features scanned from the image of a product.