Overview And Review Of Achievements Made By White Shark Media

***UPDATE*** July 21, 2017–Check out a recent review of White Shark Media on GRE Report http://www.gcreport.com/reviews-white-shark-media-improves-advertising-roi/

***UPDATE*** June 14th, 2017– White Shark Media is happy to share their new feature on Geeks News, “White Shark Media Presents A Review In PPC Best Practices.” See link below to learn more.

Founded in 2010, White Shark Media has overcome the many challenges that make it difficult for businesses to reap profits in the first few years after establishment. The company joined the market with a new strategy that has helped them to stay ahead of competition.

For instance, a post on their blog shows how the company has converted customer complaints into useful ideas that have inspired the addition of new useful features.

In line with their vision statement, White Shark has continued to innovate and introduce new features that have offered clients the freedom to manage their campaigns with ease. Some of these features include call tracking, which are a way clients can track the performance of their AdWords campaign. The company has also come up with measures to allow better communication among clients and the support.

Positive reviews

Due to the great services White Shark Media has been offering to clients, they have received positive reviews on different platforms. A Shopify testimonial posted by a client shows that the client earned more flow of customers after embracing the marketing services offered by White Shark Media.

According to Citrite, another comment from a cleaning service based in New York expresses satisfaction in the care White Shark Media took while managing their program despite them being a small business. The company has posted massive sales and is in the process of expanding business to cover more areas and to offer clients better services.

White Shark Media works on orders from all specialties as shown on their testimonials page. Clients running different types of businesses have responded with positive reviews citing their satisfaction in the great services White Shark Media has offered to promote their businesses.

AdWords performance evaluation

White Shark Media also offers risk-free evaluation that is conducted by specialists in a bid to assist clients to understand their strengths and weak nesses. The free AdWords performance process is customized to allow easy navigation that will enhance the performance of small businesses.

Google Premier SMB Partner

Additionally, White Shark Media is a certified SMB partner of Google. They were picked to join the program after a thorough review that revealed their strengths in the industry.

Google has trusted the services of White Shark Media to offer budding businesses marketing support through the SMB Partner program. The company has also signed a partnership with Bing to work as a certified reseller.

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