Article Recap: Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Campaign

Fashionable football fanatics will delight in the new Pittsburgh Steelers fashion campaign launched by the organization last year. The new site offers fans the opportunity to meet one another and score some sweet Steelers styles for their closet, with plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Little girls will love the pink options available, plus neon yellow and metallic gold for a dazzle of extra glam. Pandora teamed up with Steelers charms to create some fantastic jewelry pieces, as well as Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and Victoria’s Secret. These top brand names combined with the Steelers trademark logo makes for some fan-friendly fashion that effortlessly merges style with team pride. “This is the whole idea of sport goes into street. You can dress it up or you can dress it down,” commented Susan McGalla, the Steelers’ most recently appointed director of strategic planning. The understated logo, thumbholes in sweatshirts that many girls look for and a scarf can add a lot of style to an outfit that doesn’t distract from the look’s aesthetic appeal like most sportswear. McGalla on is a brain behind the operations that fans can rely on for expert style advise. Before she worked for the Steelers, she was the president of American Eagle and the CEO of the popular store Wet Seal. In addition to McGalla’s own eye for style, she’s spent years behind the reins mastering the ins and outs of branding, lifestyle and merchandising. “We’re constantly innovating around the fans,” she said. “We’re bringing in focus groups talking about how we can have them share and be part of the organization in more vibrant ways.” The Steelers fashion line is available for the whole family, offering a range of clothes for different figures and styles that all boast the team’s name and logo. Fans can even easily locate what one of their favorite players had on during a game by navigating to the wikinvest site’s “Where What We Wear” page. Showcasing your style and flaunting your favorite team has never looked so good.

Matt Landis Achieves Success As Notre Dame Lacrosse Welcome Freshmen Players

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College sports undergo an annual period of change and evolution as the latest intake of freshmen and walk on’s arrive on campus to join returning players to each squad. The process of bringing the latest batch of new players into the fold has begun at Notre Dame, where the Irish have taken the first tentative steps towards integrating the next generation of players into a lacrosse squad that has reached the semi-finals of the national championships in each of the last two seasons.
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Defenseman Matt Landis
The popular head coach Kevin Corrigan explained he was now looking to experienced players, such as last seasons defensive standout Matt Landis to help the new recruits both on and off the field.
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Matt Landis has undergone something of a career jump over the last year after becoming one of the nation’s most awarded defensive players, including the awards he earned as the ACC defensive player of the season for 2014-15 and national recognition as one of the best all round players in the college lacrosse game. The Pelham, New York native will also be looked at for his assistance to new recruits in finding the perfect balance between achieving on field success off the field. Landis not only finds time to hold down a part time job as a model, but he has also maintained a high GPA at the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame.
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The new recruits to the lacrosse squad at Notre Dame are looking to move on to a higher level of success after winning the ACC last season and finishing just one game short of the national championships final. Founded in 1981, Coach Corrigan has been in charge of the program since 1988 and is looking for his first ever championship with a group of freshmen he believes are amongst the finest he has coached.