Tyson Foods Issues Massive Recall on Chicken Products

Tyson Foods has issued a recall of more than 80,000 cases of chicken products, accounting for 2.5 million pounds of breaded poultry, after one of its suppliers recognized the presence in milk without indicating its presence in those products. While these products, mostly consisting of ready-made patties of breaded chicken meat, were only available to the service industry, they made it to over half of the states in the country. Notably, some of these products made their way into school cafeterias.


Despite Tyson’s proactive approach, neither it nor the United States Department of Agriculture have heard any instances of someone becoming sick from the relevant products since discovering the issue on the 6th of June. The notifying supplier believed that the problem resulted from the addition of milk to the bread crumbs used in breading poultry. The Tyson supplier who recognized the presence of milk in the company’s chicken products has not been identified by the company or the USDA.


The discrepancy in packaging issues seems to have triggered a snowball effect in recalls within the agricultural sector; as of June 8th, the United States Department of Agriculture has issued a series of serious recalls involving nearly four million pounds of food. June 8th saw Conagra Brands Inc., a rival company to Tyson Foods, recalled more than 700,000 pounds of spaghetti-and-meatball products.


Milk is commonly listed as a dietary allergen due to conditions like lactose intolerance. People who suffer from lactose intolerance have great difficulty when digesting lactose, the sugars contained within milk products. Should a person who suffers from lactose intolerance ever consume products containing lactose, he will begin to suffer from indigestion, intestinal discomfort, bloating or even diarrhea roughly 90 to 120 minutes after consuming such products. The two sources of food most known for lactose are dairy and certain foods, such as processed meats and gravies, that use it as an additive; hard cheese may be safely consumed by the lactose intolerant.

Tyson Foods Investigated For Treatment of Animals

Tyson Foods, one of the four major poultry producers in the United States, has recently been a major topic of media discussion for its alleged inappropriate treatment of animals. According to an animal support group, Compassion over Killing, the company as been repeatedly involved in animal abuse practices. Compassion over Killing has recently released video footage that shows managers and other upper level professionals who are employed by Tyson Foods eliminating chickens in inhumane ways. The release of the video has caused Tyson Foods to release several statements. During their latest interview about this topic, Tyson Food representatives have announced that they have fired the individuals who were shown in the videos and that they are not an adequate representation of the way that Tyson Food engages in everyday practices with animals.

In the wake of the Tyson Foods investigation, a major discussion has been sparked regarding the treatment of animals in the poultry industry. Because chicken is the most massively produced animal in the world and is consumed at a rate of about 80 million chickens per week in the United States alone, any reports of problems within the industry have the ability to create massive problems. Scientist have studied the poultry industry and the routines that they engage in to mass produce chickens. They have revealed several major problems within the industry.

One of the main problems in the poultry production companies is the amount of poultry that is produced in a given calendar year. The amount of chicken that is supplied to consumers is simply not able to be supported by humane systems. Because production companies are seeking to produce an obscene amount of chickens, and are developing chickens that are unnaturally large, it is almost impossible to meet company standards by raising chickens in a natural way. More information regarding the treatment of chickens in the poultry industry and the investigation of Tyson Foods can be found here. This investigation is ongoing and may not be complete for several months.