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White Shark Media is the digital marketing agency ready to help put your business on the map so acquiring the success you seek isn’t so far away. While you can do this on your own, the services of a company like White Shark Media make it easier and faster, not to mention far less of a hassle. The company offers a plethora of services for business of all sizes, including SEO and SEM Management, AdWords Management, and more.



A Look at White Shark Media



The company began offering their services in 2011, and in a short time span rose to the top of the game. Many digital marketing companies exist, but few meet the same superiority that White Shark Media offers.



Customers choose this name because they know they’ll get results from helpful professionals who have only one goal in mind, and that is helping you get to the top.



White Shark Media offers:



  • Knowledgeable experts in the field of SEM and SEO
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  • You are always in control and get what you want and need, even when the budget is limited
  • 24/7 help and service is available
  • One of the most respected names in the industry


Many White Shark Media reviews are available online at no cost for you to read. The company website itself even features a variety of testimonials to get you started. Reading this information will only give you more insight into the company and why so many people continue to use their services.



The company has a great social media presence as well. This is important for any company that is helping others reach a broad audience. You can easily find them on Facebook, YouTube, and of course Twitter, to name a few.



Your Choice Matters



Your digital marketing matters in a world that is based upon and filled with so much technology. For the average individual, completing marketing that results in success is time-consuming and difficult. But, thanks to companies like White Shark Media, that is no longer a worry. They handle it all from A to Z, whether big or small, ensuring that you get the success that you deserve.

What you should know about Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Building and raising capital is at the heart of every business. A country’s economic growth is highly dependent on its financial stability. The investment banking is an industry that seeks to create a driving force for necessary capital for institutions and companies. Investment banking takes on liabilities and policies from insurance companies. Investment companies are thus always protected in their investment. However, investment banking is not designed for individuals. It is designed for business and individuals that have high capital. The investment banking industry doesn’t work like a normal bank account. It has several complexities that are best handled by an expert in the field.

One of the factors that determine the success of an investment bank is a proper understanding of financial markets. Knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, brokers, securities, traders is very important for any investment banking venture. This section of the banking industry is handled by a professional known as an investment banker. The banker handles all types of investments made by the firm. He is the person that determines the success or failure of an investment company. A credible and talented investment banker makes the difference between success and failure of an investment company.

Martin Lustgarten is one example of a highly successful professional in the investment banking field. He is highly creative with investments and knows how to reduce business risks. He has gained the trust of clients as they fully rely on him. He guides most of his clients on creating a successful investment career. He doesn’t allow any of his customers to make blind decisions about future investments. People that deal with Martin are sure that it is spent well. Mr. Lustgarten ensures proper investments that last till the future.

Apart from his interests in investment banking, Lustgarten is a philanthropist that has worked with several organizations and charities. He has built a solid experience in the investment banking industry. That is why several media channel outlets seek advice from him regarding the financial situation of America. If you are interested in the investment banking industry, then Martin Lustgarten is one individual to work with.

Veteran Investment Manager Timothy Armour Takes Over At The Capital Group

Equity portfolio manager, CEO and management committee of the Capital Group Companies, Inc. Timothy D. Armour is a financial services professional with vast experience. He has been involved in investment services with the Capital Group for over 33 years. After graduating from Middlebury College in 1983 with his bachelor’s degree in economics, he began his career by participating in the Capital Group’s Associates Program. He went on to work with the company doing equity investment analysis. In his role as equity investment analyst he dealt with U.S. service companies and global telecommunications.

Currently based in the Capital Group’s Los Angeles office, Amour was elected company chairman in July 2015 following the death of Jim Rothenberg, Capital’s former chairman. His promotion puts him at the helm of a company that’s American Fund’s home and is considered among the leading investment management firms in the world. Prior to his election to chairman, Armour was Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group’s management committee chairman. He will continue to work towards setting, communicating and implementing the overall business strategies of the Capital Group and oversee operations. His election is part of the leadership succession plan crafted several years ago.

Amour said the entire staff mourns their friend and colleague and describes Rothenberg as a purposeful, talented, decisive leader who was focused on clients, investors and associates long-term interests. Armour explained that the Capital Group’s true strength is the associates’ collective talents focused on the company’s mission to provide investors and clients with superior, long-term investment results. He promised the 84 year old company, its management committee and its 7,600 associates will continue its commitment to the investors and the advisors that serve them.

With the volatility of global stocks, investor concerns about China’s slowing economic growth, the country’s surprise currency devaluation and its potential impact on Japan, Europe, the United States and other trading partners, part of Amour’s role will be to help calm investors and show them a positive way forward. He points to the bull run in the U.S. that has lasted 6 years and the rising markets in many parts of the world and says the current market correction was expected and good for the health of the markets because it got rid of pockets of excess.

Armour says he expects the Fed to raise interest rates because it will be better for the economy in the long term.

Click here to learn more about Tim Armour.

Healthy Hair Starts With Wen By Chaz Dean And Seasonal Scents

WEN Hair Sweet Almond MintBeautiful hair starts with healthy hair. Wen by Chaz Dean is offering deals on their new scents. The conditioning cleanser replaces most shampoos. It does not lather but it cleanses while replacing necessary vitamins and nutrients in the hair. The follicle begins to come alive when it is cleaned with Wen’s Cleansing conditioner.

Use Wen cleansing conditioner for one week and you will see a big difference in your hair. The first time you use it, wet your hair and apply 6 pumps to the top and scalp area of your hair. Massage it in your scalp. The cleanser gets rid of the old shampoos that are stuck and leave behind old junk in your hair. Then follow up with 6-9 more pumps to saturate the ends of your hair. Finish your shower while leaving the conditioning cleanser in your hair. Rinse and repeat are what the directions state. You will see a long lasting wonderful difference in your hair immediately.

Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN) has been involved in cosmetology for a long time. He began in school in Los Angeles school where cutting and coloring where the most important. He took a job in a hair salon in Bel Air neighborhood in Los Angeles. Eventually, Chaz took on some extremely important clients that love his work. The celebrities ended up moving with Chaz when he created his own Hollywood salon.

Chaz is always creating new and exciting formulas. His most popular formulas are things like Sweet Almond Mint and Lavender. Each season the formulas improve and begin to be selected as part of the gift packs on QVC. The Wen hair care line does have a fragrance free formula that still cleanses and treats the hair. New for the holidays is Apple Spice and Bamboo Green Tea.

If your hair is dead looking and the ends are splitting, call on the professionals. Wen by Chaz Dean can give your hair back the life it lost. The hair will be thicker and smoother. The condition of your hair will show every time it moves.

Purchase a bottle of Wen Cleansing Conditioner today!

Goettl’s Air Conditioning Services And Role In Giving Back To The Educational Society

Goettl is an air conditioning and services corporation operating in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson and Southern California regions.
Since its establishment in 1939 by Adam Goettl and Gust, the firm continues to offer clients with dedicated personalized efforts in their homes and working environments. It ensures that each customer has the correct fitting for their air conditioner, air cleaner and humidifier as a package.

Goettl also offers follow-up services by providing a complete packaging of replacement, maintenance and repair services upon request by clients. Their affiliate company, The Sunny Plumber, enables them to provide these extended services, inclusive of additional plumbing and drain services.

The end goal of Goettl is to provide customers with a relaxation environment during all weather conditions. They achieve this by servicing the heating system, duct system, indoor air system and the attic area.

A new product that ensures better air quality in the home is the UV germicidal lights. The device combats biological pollutants by wrecking them.
According to the article, written by Ken Goodrich and published on Goettl’s site, UV germicidal lights eliminate future health complications arising from poor air conditions.

Ken Goodrich is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Goettl and its parent company, Red Falcon Equity. He began working for the corporation in January 2013, after purchasing it from its previous owner. Ken then reopened the Las Vegas office of the firm which closed due to the 2007 recession, to relocate to the Southern Nevada office.

Before joining Red Falcon, Ken was the vice president of the American Residential Services between February 2008 and October 2010.He was then promoted to be the firm’s President in October 2009 and served in the office until December 2012.
Ken was also the President and Chief Executive Officer of the 24/7 Service Corporation between June of 2000 and February 2008.

During an award session for a veteran who had undertaken the Southern Nevada Goettl program, Ken cited that Goettl defines his entire career.
Ken sponsors the Air Conditioning Technology program for veterans at the Southern Nevada College.
Ken sponsors the “Son of a Gun” scholarship which sponsors one ongoing student of a member of multiple generational family units of the air conditioning industry.
He also sponsors the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Tech Laboratory at CSN.

Ken Goodrich that the Goettl sponsorship program is an effective way of putting back good citizens into the working environment.

Clay Siegall and the Unflinching Enemy

Clay Siegall is a scientist, a family man and a dedicated individual who is working diligently for a very humble and important goal. Siegall seeks to find a cure for the debilitating disease that is cancer, which is not only a gargantuan task but one that many people have already given up on. In order to find new and powerful ways to battle cancer Siegall has combined his skills with a number of other scientists and has formed a reliable and sophisticated conglomerate of scientific genius known collectively as Seattle Genetics. This company was founded in 1998 and works tirelessly each day of the week to brainstorm, test and devise new and efficient ways to treat and combat this illness.

As a social media presence Clay Siegall is a professional and informative individual who is often not afraid to scare what new breakthroughs and processes he and his colleagues have recently discovered. The ability for Siegall to be open with his research, to some degree, means that he is excited about the potential results they will bear in the near future. Hopefully his work will produce fruit sooner than later, but only time will tell and regardless of how long the process does take it will still have positive results in the end for sure.

The Seattle Genetics website categorizes one of the main focuses of Siegall and his fellow scientists as producing valuable and strong anti-body agents that can be used to treat cancer cells in the Human body. In order to meet his needs Siegall has allied his corporation with a variety of different pharmaceutical companies. This includes such powerful names as Pfizer and Genetech, who are willing to work alongside Siegall and Seattle Genetics in their quest to find the holy grail of answers to cancer.

It is no doubt that Clay Siegall will eventually find what he is looking for, even if the process seems long and dark. Many individuals in the world today see cancer as being an undefeatable enemy, but through his dedication and work Clay Siegall will prove these people wrong.

Enjoying Life Is Much Easier With A Magnises Card

What do you consider fun? Is fun going out to a sports event? Do you consider going to a nightclub fun? What about eating in a particular restaurant, is that fun to you? A lot of people have a different vision of what they consider fun, but there are many common things that people do for fun. Many like to go to concerts, sports events, nightclubs, and some will even stay in a hotel overnight to have fun. It can cost money to have fun, but those who have a Magnises card can have a lot of fun but not pay as much for that fun.

Enjoying life should be something that young people do every day, but some people don’t have the connections to get into the places to do the things that many young people like to do. First off, young people love going to nightclubs because it’s a way to let loose and to hear some of the latest music that’s hot in the streets. Going to any nightclub can be a pain because some of them are very restrictive on Twitter in the people they let into the club. If you don’t dress a certain way or look the part, you may get turned away from the club.

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Your Magnises card can be the key to ensuring that you have a great time in the club by first getting you through the doors with a club pass. Your pass provided by Magnises will guarantee you club entrance, no matter what time you choose to come to the club. Another great perk is for those who absolutely love eating at elegant restaurants in New York City. Many people know which restaurants are the best and what they offer, but entrance to these restaurants are also restricted and require a reservation.

Use of your Magnises card can get you the reservation at the restaurant that you want to eat at for the night, and you may also enjoy discounts on your food and drinks when you use your Magnises card. Even those who travel can enjoy a lot of perks from the Magnises card because they have a travel section that caters to those who stay in particular hotels. You can get discounts on great hotel rooms as well as free upgrades with the use of your Magnises card. So how do you get this card if you’re interested?

You can only receive a Magnises card by signing up for membership, and membership is obtained once you pay your monthly fee on Wikipedia. You’ll be issued your very own Magnises card that is personalized with your name on it. You can customize the card even further by adding your bank account information to the card to make it accessible for any payments that you want to give to a restaurant, bar, sports event, or anywhere that you take the Magnises card. You’ll never know how much you’ll enjoy places in New York City until you get the Magnises card.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Giving Back Whenever Possible

In today’s negative news cycle, it is always refreshing and great to hear a wonderful story like the one regarding Goettl Air Conditioning and how they gave back to a veteran. After all, this is Salute to Service month and many of the freedoms that the people have is because of the sacrifices the veterans have made. Freedoms are not free, as they say, and there is always someone out there fighting for freedom. They miss time with their family and they put their life on the line. They don’t ask for anything in return either. They do it because they want to do it and it is the right thing to do.

If someone needs a pick-me-up from Goettl, this link is a great way to go. One of the things that veterans struggle with is trying to live a normal life after coming home. They are so used to combat and they are so used to a certain style of living that it can be hard for them to adapt. It takes time and it does not happen overnight. However, they have great skills they want to put to use. That is why Ken Goodrich gave $1,000 in tools to a veteran and even said he knows these will go to good use after he graduates.

This is just one example of many of the good things that Ken Goodrich and the company have done. As stated in the article, they are part of the community and they love being part of the community. It is not something that is taken for granted with them. They try to do whatever they can whenever they can, as they know it makes a positive impact on people. It is a true difference maker. In addition to that, they also offer repairs, maintenance, and installation services for air conditioners in Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

Of course, those are three very hot areas and they need to be on the top of their game. Goettl’s reviews online are great for not only the service they provide and the quality of it, but also for how they treat people. When they enter someone’s home, they treat them with respect and they go out of their way to make sure they are happy with the service they provide. They let them know what is going on, what to expect, and what the cost is. Nothing is going to catch them off guard.

OSI Group – A Giant in the Food and Beverage Industry

OSI Group is one of the top US companies that has achieved prominence in the food and beverage industry through its high-quality processing methods which supplies meat products in a lot of food retailing companies around the world.


OSI Group began as a family business in 1909. This was owned by Otto Kolschowsky, a German who immigrated to Illinois, United States in 1907. It took eight years before the small meat market turned into an extensive meat business which required Otto to move to Maywood. Although the new Otto & Sons became quite a popular local meat supplier for decades, their biggest break came when the then-startup McDonald’s company decided to strike a deal with the former as the main provider of ground beef patties for its primary restaurant located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

As Otto & Sons preserved its position as one of the major suppliers for McDonald’s, they constructed their first meat processing plant in West Chicago that houses machineries which can generate perfectly shaped patties and freeze food using liquid nitrogen. On 1975, the descendants of Otto Kolschowsky formally changed the company’s name into OSI Group.

Business Accomplishments

From its humble beginning, OSI Group has been able to expand with over 20,000 employees to date. Yet, the greatest accomplishment that they have received thus far is a huge leap they had done in the Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies.

By 2011, the company only held the 136th spot in the same category. Due to their diligence in maintaining the best quality of meat merchandise that they deliver to some of the renowned fast food chains – Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC and Subway, among others – that have thousands of branches across the planet, the OSI Group went up to the 58th rank come 2016. More than that, their earnings doubles in simply a matter of five years, as the company attained 6.1 billion dollars of sales, as stated by Forbes.

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Recent Innovations

OSI Group is capable not only of producing food products, but also of acquiring various manufacturing companies in the industry. Their latest acquisition is Baho Food, a Dutch company whose processed snacks, delis, and other food items reach the convenience stores within a total of 18 countries in the Europe.

According to OSI Group’s chief operating officer, David G. McDonald, the procurement is part of the company’s objective to broaden their European presence, as well as get ahold of diverse processing techniques which did not exist in their manufacturing plants before. OSI Group will be absorbing the managing director of Baho Food, John Balvers, along with the managers under him so as to develop more ideas to help the growth of the corporation.

About the CEO

Many years passed, and Sheldon Lavin is now the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group. Apart from that, he is also a General Trustee and President for Rush University Medical Center and OSI International Foods, respectively, as well as a former director for the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

For more information on OSI Group, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/

Trucept Exec Brian Bonar Honored With Executive Of The Year Award

California businessman, Brian Bonar was recently selected as ‘Executive Of The Year‘. The list of honorees celebrates the achievements, leadership, and professional and personal accomplishments that ultimately have impacted their designated field.

Bonar is among these change-makers that inspire creativity and innovation, and forge the path for individuals to thrive as well. “I’m honored to be included among a list of distinguished people, and I thank Cambridge Who’s Who registry for this recognition” said Bonar.

The Cambridge Who’s Who program offers a coveted annual award to the world’s best and brightest in several categories. These awards are given to two men and two women in each category.

This Executive Of The Year Award is tribute to Brian Bonar, who has built up a remarkable career, is committed to the promotion of work and family life and personally understands the best balance between work and private life.

Bonar was selected for being a role model and challenging the finance field to innovate and reinvent for future prosperity. With extensive industry knowledge and expertise in the finance industry, the results driven executive is one of the country’s visionary leaders.

He has been a veteran champion of empowering individuals, and is committed to exponential changes that better us. “The Executive Of The Year Award is testament to commitment to exceptional service, and Brian Bonar is well deserved of this honor,” said one associate.

Bonar holds a number of advisory and executive leadership positions, including CEO of Trucept, Inc, a full-service company providing outsourced HR solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. While historically successful, many companies now understand that downsizing and layoffs flirt with self-destruction.

Bonar has helped businesses confront changing business environments and realize a significant savings by outsourcing. “Many companies have success stories when it comes to outsourcing core and non-core competencies,” says one associate.

For example, companies realize more favorable, cheaper labor costs, a decrease in overhead, and ultimately a reduced capital commitment. Bonar also points out how Trucept helps with quick scalability but higher productivity and better performance. Small and mid-sized companies have seen outsourcing as a win-win opportunity.

Before becoming CEO of Trucept, Inc, Brian Bonar led several successful organizations including CEO and CFO of The Amanda Company, Smart Tek Automated Services, Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corporation. Innovating, leading, empowering, and driving results is a tall order, yet Brian Bonar has met each challenge and does it with ease.