Eli Gershkovitch: A Pioneer in Craft Beer

Since the introduction of beer way back in the 17th century, its processing has improved tremendously considering the modern times with more technology. In Canada, beer is the alcoholic beverage, which is consumed by lots of people. From 2015, craft beer has gained popularity so fast reckoning 10% of the beer market in Canada. Craft beer is made by craft brewery industry. Many Canadians appreciate good beer. Therefore, the consumption is very high. Craft beer to be precise is having a resurgence.

There are different types of craft beer with different flavors, and this is partly why so many individuals prefer it to other kinds of beer. Some of the best Canadian craft beers are; Weissbier, which is made from wheat making it light on the aftertaste, Brasseurs Sans Gluten, which is gluten-free and Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Each of these beer has something that makes them unique and special hence primarily consumed.

In the past, the wine was more preferred but today in Canada, craft beers reign supreme, especially among millennials making sales of such industries, go up. Steamworks, being one of the top sellers of craft beer is led by Eli Gershkovitch. The primary motive behind creating his own brewing company was to become a man of his own.

Eli Gershkovitch is not just a master in brewing but also a lawyer and a pilot. For him, he goes by the mantra that one has to develop to fulfill demands because of failure of that, demands go down to satisfy you. Eli Gershkovitch is such a collected man but a master in business. He is innovative. He says, without creativity and innovation, one stagnates and in the event, beat up with other companies. Unlike many individuals who go in for business for the profits, Eli Gershkovitch believes that brewing companies are more than just beer but the freedom that comes with them is what is essential (IMBd). He is his own man and does not have shareholders in his company. From the profits he makes, he expands his car business.

Eli Gershkovitch is the man behind the first steam-powered brewing in Canada. Maybe people were not using steam due to what the legal repercussions might have turned to be but him being an attorney, made it easier for him. What is very evident is that Eli Gershkovitch is a master when it comes to brewing business.