A New Plant-Based Burger Looks Just Like the Real Thing

If you are you vegetarian or a vegan, you have likely had experience with fake meat of all kinds. Today, you can find an alternative to almost any form of meat at your local Whole Foods or health food store. For example, there is fake bacon, deli ham, deli turkey, hamburger, steaks strips, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken patties and more.

When fake meat was first becoming popular, it didn’t exactly look like real meat. In fact, it almost never did. Most people chose tofu or seitan as their fake meats of choice, and they hid them in their food under sauteed vegetabls and thick sauces of all sorts.

Today, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to tell the difference between fake meat and real meat, and this is especially true when it comes to the company, Beyond Meat. Very soon, they will be launching a hamburger that looks almost exactly like a real burger, but it is indeed plant-based. There is no real meat in this burger, which is fittingly called the Beyond Burger.

Beyond Meat even went so far as to make this burger bleed with the help of beet juice incorporated into the middle of the burger. If you want to try one of these amazing new plant-based burgers from Beyond Meat, you will be able to find them at the Whole Foods store in Boulder, Colorado first. The Beyond Beef burgers will be sold alongside all of the real meat at the store, including lamb, poultry, pork and beef.