Jim Cantore is Elated Over Thundersnow

Lots of people are intently watching the Weather Channel and all other outlets trying to follow winter storm Neptune. However, what they don’t know is that Jim Cantore is a big kid. He was so excited to see thunder snow that camera crews couldn’t help but take a video. The meteorologist was laughing, playing and screaming as he watched the lightening roll in with the snowfall. You might think he is doing a dance because winter storm Neptune and Octavia and hitting just around the same time. But it is the dancing of lightning bolts that has him all abuzz.

Hiadar Barbouti (Bizjournals.com) has heard that these storms and all the predictions have certainly caused some drama at the local weather channels. Trying to predict the path of the storms and making sure that everyone is properly warned is hard work. However, Cantore takes his job very seriously. He is one of the most trusted and beloved weather men of all time. His face on the news brings comfort and dependability to the people of America. Whether in the North, South, East or West, his news is what most people tune to for winter storm details.

Seeing that Cantore could let his hair down and have some fun was a breath of fresh air. Thunder snow is an exciting thing that only occurs once in a while. Seeing as how he has such a serious job, having a bit of fun is just what he needed before facing these two big storms.

House Speaker Not Willing To Get Into Climate Change Debate

The House Speaker John Boehner has taken a unique approach to avoiding talking about the climate change issue. He has pushed it on to scientists to worry about the debate of climate change. He says that he is not going to concern himself with the climate change debate, but rather he will “let scientists debate that”.

TheHill.com reports that Boehner at least conceded that their are changes to the environment that are occurring, but he refused to say that such changes were a product of man made burning of fossil fuels. Instead, he said that he would let scientists debate this issue and allow them to decide what was happening. Marc Sparks believes that by playing his cards this way, the House Speaker did manage to side step the issue. However, he did not really get completely out of it.

It should be noted that the Speaker and all of his colleagues in the House and Senate are the ones who are tasked with making public policy as it relates to the environment. It means that it is their job to care about such issues and to study them. By side stepping the issue, the Speaker is throwing off his responsibility to the public to care about these issues and try to do something about them. He is clearing avoiding the issue for political reasons, but doing so is only damaging to the public discourse about one of the most important issues on the agenda.

Bay Area Schools Call First Ever Rain Day

It appears that one should never say never in terms of the weather, as the Bay Area has been hit with rain storms.

A powerful storm is making its way through the Bay Area, including Oakland, San Francisco and surrounding areas. The storm will bring heavy rain and high winds, which are expected to peak on Thursday. This has prompted schools in the area to call their first ever ‘rain day.’

Meteorologists say that this could be the worst storm that this area has seen in 6 years. Winds could hit up to 50 mph on Thursday, along with several inches of rain.  Check out the streaming forecast on Youtube!

School districts announced that schools would be closed Thursday, citing concerns about student safety. Officials said the closure could extend to Friday, if the storm causes power outages or damage from high winds.

Richard Carranza, a San Francisco Unified Superintendent said he took the school closure decision very seriously. He explained in a statement that student safety was a priority, and he didn’t want to risk students getting injured or overly delayed getting to and from school.

Safety of school staff was also a major consideration. Staff absences could lead to inadequate student supervision, which also prompted the decision to close the schools.