Doe Deere Changes Women’s Empowerment With Her Cosmetics

Are you using cosmetics with neutral colors, and you’re not satisfied with your look? Lime Crime was created by the popular Doe Deere, marketing tech, and technology professional. Cosmetics has always been one of her passions since a kid by wearing her moms clothes, and makeup. Unfortunately, she was not always impressed with the neutral color palette. She knew the value of having products her friends would love, and decided on her intricate color scheme at that moment. It is hard for many to believe she is the five behind the LC brand. Deere told Savior online her products were the first of their kind to use a super-foil base in taking risks in business. Learn more:


Lime Crime is an exclusive line of eye-shadow, and lipstick shades. Her products are a richly formulated with a completely hypoallergenic, and waterproof formula. LC products go on with a moist texture, and holds to perfection up to 12 hours. She decoded on trendy colors like Beet It, and Radical Metallic. Her cosmetics are preferred over other brands 10 to 1. You’ll love the way you look with a new color that is hard to fins with competitor networks. Find a new look, spruce up a new hairdo, outfit, or upgraded your original look.


Deere has branded two very popular cosmetics from the Lime Crime name including an independent lipstick, and hair dye. Her hair dye is popular among young adults. Her 700 ml jar offers one permanent application, or two semi-permanent applications. It was recently launched with very successful reviews. Over 2.4 million Instagram customers are talking about the new Scandal lipstick. It comes with a purple-violet hue and a completely successful stand as an independent cosmetic brand under the Lime Crime brand. You’ll lobe the way her intricate colors enhance your best features.


You won’t find Lime Crime products at retailers, but you can select exclusive products from special participating Bloomingdales. Their online interactive website also has our heading offers with free shipping promotional offers. Thousands of girls, and guys around the world wear the Lime Crime brand unapologetically, and bold about their unique identity. Learn more:

Malini Saba Shows Her Skills in Business Building

I have seen female entrepreneurs that have stepped up to the challenge and started their own businesses. Saba is one of the women that has become incredibly savvy at running more than one business. I think that she has been a source of strength to all that witness her in action. I believe that her investment career has given her the ability to earn a substantial amount of money. This would allow her to give more money over the years to so many other types of organizations.


She has donated as much a million to the Heart Research Center in South Asia. I think that this shows a high level of compassion. This would just be the beginning of her life as a philanthropist. In time she would prove that she could start her own organization that gave back to women as well. She reached out to South Asia when she helped the Heart Research Center with her million dollar investment. The Stree foundation was a good start for her to give back to women at-risk on a global scale.


I really would like to believe that there are a lot of business women that are going to help others when they rise to the top. I have not seen this happen often though. In most situations women will spend a lot of time trying to break through barriers and break down the walls that keep them out of corporate positions. They have no time to start non-profits and listen to the struggles of others. Most business women are just trying to look out for themselves. What Malini Saba did was look at the investing world early and make some wise decisions. She saved money and earned a considerable amount by investing in risky businesses early in her career. She prepared early in her career to make the money that she would need to start her own business.


Once she created a pathway to success it was easier for her to help others. It was easier to work things out with the Stree Foundation and give others a path to success because she had already discovered one for herself. Saba has been looked upon as a hero when it comes to helping women. Former president Bill Clinton has even supported the cause that she started with the Stree Foundation. Malini Saba has made her mark and lots of people notice.