The Stigma of Depression in the Workplace

The effects of depression can often be debilitating and even life threatening. However, psychologists suggest the stigma attached to a mental illness such as depression can be equally, if not more, disabling than the illness itself.

Suffering from depression can cause a person to feel extremely lonely and isolated. When these feelings are compounded by a fear of judgment from others about what they are experiencing people tend to sink even deeper and possibly allow the depression to lead to serious consequences.

People report struggling with the decision to share story of depression with others, and sadly they have a good reason to do so. Many studies show the prevalence of a stigma attached to illnesses such as depression as discussed here So, many people like Crystal Hunt fear losing their jobs and their friends if they were to reveal how much they are struggling or have struggled with depression in the past.

The statistics on depression in America are alarming with up to 25% of people experiencing a major depressive disorder at least once in their lifetime. Depression is often used as a catch-all word for people going through the normal hard-ships of life. Anybody who is experiencing any level of depression should be offered the resources and support necessary for recovering from it.