What’s New in the World of Dog Food

In the world of dog food pet owners are looking at organic, special meal and other specialty foods for their beloved pets. Many companies are changing the way they make their food and new dog food companies are opening up to meet the high demands on Facebook of pet owners who have a deep concern for what types of food they give their furry friends. A new pet food company called Freshpet Inc. has started to create special refrigerator only meals for pets. The company’s speciality health pet food is sold in fifteen thousand stores already. Freshpet may be found at select Whole Foods stores, Target and Walmart. Vital Raw has also become popular within the pet food industry. They make paleo diet friendly food to give pets the nutrients of their ancestors the wolves or wild cats. One company that is taking steps into crafting new and healthier meal plans for pets is Purina Beneful dog food brand. The company has begun to take steps into the new age of feeding dogs by considering the lifestyle of pet owners today. Many pet owners want to eat with their pet, so Beneful has begun to craft human meal like dishes for pets. The company also has begun to observe that pet owners like having the option of crafting and specializing their pet’s food, so now Beneful has a create your own blend feature on their website. The company also acquired the former first certified organic pet food company: Merrick Pet Care to help make their transitional to more organic and health friendly pet food. Purina Beneful has been around for many years. The brand was founded in 2001. They have always strived to give pets the very best during their time as a pet food company. It makes sense why they are still choosing to change with the times to fit the needs of pet owners and pets of today.