World Soil Day Celebrates The Critical Importance Of The Soil

World Soil Day is December 5th, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has organized programs and activities to promote the importance of soil. The quality of the soil is important for human well-being, healthy ecosystems and food security. Soil is the source of life and supplies minerals, vitamins and nutrients necessary for survival.

Of all the food consumed, 95 percent is grown in soil, yet 33 percent of the soil has already been degraded globally. An inch of healthy soli requires 1,000 years to develop, and can be destroyed in a couple seasons. Taking care of the soil is crucial, but industrial agriculture has a different view. The soil is always under pressure from inadequate governance, the pressure of the population and unsustainable intensification. For additional details please visit Your text to link….

Soil is being adulterated with herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. It has been compacted, stressed, over-tilled, and used for the growth of monoculture crops like soybeans and GMO corn. The soil has reached the stage where the capacity to support life has been compromised and undercut. According to industrial agriculture, soil is a medium for chemical fertilizers, GMO seeds, water and herbicides to produce bio-engineered crops.

Soil is the basis for nutrient rich and healthy fruits and vegetables. The number of micro-organisms in a tablespoon of soil is larger than the number of people currently living. Healthy soil increases the resilience to droughts and floods, and helps mitigate climate change.

On December 5th, and during the year, everyone should think about the importance of the most overlooked resource. A commitment made to World Soil Day supports the farming practices and policies that protect the soil. Steps can be taken in personal and community lives to protect the soil and the earth. Connecting to the soil is as simple as touching it, and recognizing this is what enables the world to support the people who live here, and all the life flowing from the soil.