Follow Kim Dao On Her First Trip To Singapore

Vlogger Kim Dao sure does like to travel. In one of her latest travel vlogs, Kim Dao takes us on a flight from serene Japan to the energetic city-state of Singapore. Anyone interested in this topic should check out the video, “GOODBYE JAPAN | SINGAPORE Day 1 | KimDao in JAPAN.


At the start of this video, Kim Dao is in Haneda Airport in Tokyo. She shows us all the special Japanese decorations before she goes through Immigration & Security. While waiting for her flight, Kim Dao buys a box of green tea Kit-Kats for ¥1,500.


Kim Dao films herself on the plane ride to Singapore. She also shows us the two Singaporeans sitting next to her and the in-flight meals they get.


Believe it or not, a fan actually greets Kim Dao as she gets off her plane in Singapore International Airport. The fan gives Kim Dao a bag full of goodies like macaroons, tea, and cookies.


As Kim Dao walks down Terminal Two, she meets up with her boyfriend Eric. The two lovebirds take a taxi ride to their swanky hotel.


Once she gets inside her hotel room, Kim Dao shows us her incredible view of the city. She also gives us a quick tour of the hotel room.


Eric didn’t get any food on his flight, so he decides to order room service. He orders a burger with fries, a salad, and a lime milkshake. Learn more:


Kim Dao also shows us a list of restaurants the people sitting next to her on the flight recommended she visit while in Singapore. Learn more: